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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Try some Free Lunch with the Original Nutty Funsters at the NYC Comic Con

This weekend,the New York Comic Con will be back again,with plenty of comic book delights and much more floor space than last year's. The guest list will include such living legends as Stan Lee,present day icons like Alex Ross and Grant Morrison,celebs promoting hot new movies(most of the cast and crew of Hellboy 2) and even a few almost ran heroes like Major Victory and Fat Momma.

The most special guest of all,in my humble opinion,will be my sister Stephanie who will be one of the exhibitors at Comic Con for the first time ever. She will be appearing at the Free Lunch booth(#2265,in the Small Press section) to sign copies of her first comic strip collection featuring The Original Nutty Funsters called "A List of Grievances",along with this specially made poster displayed on the right.

Needless to say,we're all very proud of Stephanie and happy to see that all of her hard work and determination is slowly but surely starting to receive the praise and notice that it deserves.

The reviews of "A List of Grievances" are beginning to come in as well as praise for her contribution to Free Lunch's "Only In Whispers" horror anthology as the artist for the story "One Nibble at a Time." If you are attending the NYC Comic Con this weekend,be on the lookout for the Free Lunch booth to purchase what will be a future collector's item for your comic strip library.

I will be attending the Con as well,to add some sisterly support and to check out all of the goodies on display. No doubt there will be a ton of Iron Man promos and products available,along with panel discussions and previews of such films as Speed Racer,Will Eisner's The Spirit and even that damn Harold and Kumar film( can I ever escape that horror?). So,this blog will be on va-cay,as all of the hipsters say ,until next Monday,with highlights of our Comic Con adventures

So,have a good weekend where ever you are folks,and for your viewing pleasure,watch this clip for Jesus Hates Zombies,which is selling like hotcakes,that has a glimpse of my sister's lovely artwork(towards the end,you can see the zombie farmer and his wife enjoying some steak tartar):


Anonymous said...

Why does that Henry picture have inverted colors? That's weird. Thanks, sis.

ps - Buy my book!!

lady t said...

Sorry about the colors,kiddo-don't know how that happened(a Blogger mystery)and as always,I admire your subtlety:)