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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sharing a few snickers about the Sex and the City movie

Okay,I'm about to upset a few folks with this statement but I need to get this off my chest so here goes: I don't like Sex and the City and could care less about the film version that's coming out this week. SATC is just one of those big popular shows that I just don't get,like Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy. I only watched one episode and took an instant dislike to it right away.

Nothing personal against the fans but SATC always seemed to celebrate shallowness(which can be fun)and neurotic upper class women who have nothing better to do than whine about their sex lives and drink martinis(I know,I know,they drank Cosmos. I learned that from an EW TV IQ quiz). Since I never really saw more than one show(it had to do with a baby shower,I recall),there may have been more to it than that. After all, Pauline Kael was a big fan and she knew good storytelling when she saw it.

"So,if you don't like the show or the movie,why are you even talking about it,huh?" Good question,folks. Part of the reason that I feel the need to come clean is the fact that the advertising for the SATC movie is hard to get away.

The campaigning for this movie is yet another Summer Movie juggernaut to hurtle,right on the heels of the Indy Jones movie(which raked enough money to fill Scrooge McDuck's vault)and not too soon after Iron Man,with the likes of Hancock,The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight yet to follow.

Alot of movie clout is riding on this film,since it's the closest we have come to a potential blockbuster chick flick. Since the success of the SATC movie may open a few doors for other female friendly projects,I'm more than willing to be supportive but can't help but wish a movie like In Her Shoes was given this much love from Hollywood and movie-goers:

However,I don't want to pour out glasses of haterade and pass them around,either. I know what's like to have people just not understand about your particular fandom and give you grief over it. I do think that I've come up with a serviceable solution to this pop culture dilemma and it's the healing power of laughter.

Even die hard fans of a genre show can share a few giggles at a good parody of their favorite series with those on the outside(goodness knows,I've enjoyed several Buffy mock fests myself). So,in the interest of building bridges and not burning them, here are some SATC parodies for all of us to enjoy:

The freshest one is from The Soup,which combos the high octane drive of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's ad campaign with SATC's:

One of the shows that SATC has been compared to is the Golden Girls(as in "a younger version of"),which makes it fitting that Bea Arthur stars in this TV Land parody,complete with her own special Mr. Big:

The toughest parody I've seen of SATC so far is the Mad TV take on the show,which has some rather rough language and bawdy sight gags(viewer discretion is advised):

But even the SATC stars have a sense of humor about themselves and the show,as this MTV Movie Awards Matrix hybrid parody clearly shows:

So,SATC fans,have fun at the premiere this weekend and revel in your glory. As for me,I think that I'll indulge in my one of my own fangirl delights via DVD. Being a geek girl should be empowering for all.


Ladytink_534 said...

Yeah I never got into Sex and the City myself although my mom adored it. I’ll probably never watch the movie (or the show for that matter) but I too hope it will help open doors. Maybe a Veronica Mars film next? I think the Indiana Jones film might be okay though not as good as Prince Caspian! Wonderful parodies by the way.

lady t said...

Thanks,LadyTink-yeah,A Veronica Mars movie would be nice(an expansion of that Veronica in the FBI Season four pilot,perhaps?).

I wouldn't mind checking out the Indy Jones flick or Prince Caspian but most likely,I may hold off for The Dark Knight as my next moviegoing venture(in IMAX,most definitely).