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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Top Ten Things I Learned From Iron Man

Alright,gang,I just got back from an opening day showing of Iron Man and the early hype surrounding this film was well justified indeed. Robert Downey,Jr,as Tony Stark,the billionaire tech genius and social playboy who gets quite a rude awakening about all of those handy dandy weapons he's been creating for years,is picture perfect in this role.

Downey has the right touch of jaded world weariness,mixed with self mockery and bravado in the early sections of the film and the sharp acting skills that make his character's emotional transformation truly compelling and believable.

Gwyneth Paltrow,as Pepper Potts,Stark's personal assistant who goes above and beyond her job description duties,clicks very well with Downey onscreen. There's a slight 1940s His Gal Friday vibe about their relationship.

Without giving anything else away,I can say that the special effects were excellent and that they didn't overwhelm the plot at all. As a refreshing change of pace from many blockbuster films,the f/x was used in service of the storyline and character development was allowed to take the wheel at times. This Top Ten might be a little spoilery(you have been warned,people!)but for those who don't mind or have already seen the movie,here we go:

10) Testing out your flying suit in a garage full of parked cars may not be a really good idea:

9) There are two things a man wants after three months of captivity; an American cheeseburger and a press conference.

8) A personal assistant sometimes has to take out the trash for her boss,especially the kind that sleeps over.

7) Racing car red is a nice subtle color to balance out your robot suit.

6) Having a Black Sabbath song as your theme music...priceless:

5) When losing an argument,withholding a New York pizza is not much of a power play,particularly if you let your opponent take a couple of slices.

4) Don't be so sure that you have the last golden egg that your goose has to offer.

3) When the man says to push the button,PUSH THE BUTTON!

2) If anyone asks,it's just a training exercise.

1) Just because you went to see a Marvel movie,that doesn't mean you can't enjoy what DC has to offer in a couple of months:

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