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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Box Office Battle Royale:Mamma Mia,what's a Dark Knight to do?

Most folks have already made their movie going plans for the Fourth of July weekend(which will have Hancock ruling the box office roost,no doubt in my mind)but I'm more concerned about the dilemma to be faced on July 18. That's when Batman:The Dark Knight is going up against Mamma Mia! for the hearts and theater tickets of America.

Two of the most anticipated films of the summer season are about to collide,due to the assumption that those who want to see Mamma Mia! wouldn't bother with Batman and vice versa. Well,guess what,Hollywood? Plenty of us out there would love to see both movies and the way the economy's been going lately,will have to choose between one or the other! Thanks a lot,studio guys!

On paper,the audiences for these two movies may seem as different as night and day but they do balance each other out. Both are flights of fancy,with one using clown makeup and explosions for dramatic effect and the other having their characters sing ABBA songs for the same purpose.

Both plots involve dealing with secrets from the past,holding on to them in the present and deciding how they will influence the future. They also share big moments of merry madcap behavior on screen,even tho one will obviously have more bloodshed than the other.

Even the trailers seem to fit together somewhat,in an alternate universe kind of way:



While The Dark Knight has the morbid allure of seeing Heath Ledger's last performance,Mamma Mia! offers up the chance to watch Meryl Streep sing and dance which is nearly as enticing. Oh,Hollywood,why do you make us suffer? This is so unnecessary;if you can make sure that Adam Sandler and Mike Myers don't have to face off on each other for opening weekend totals,surely there is a solution to be had here.

Perhaps one of them could open up a day or two sooner before the other. That would most likely be the best possible scenario and I don't mean in "limited" showings either,fellas. Give the fans a sporting chance,okay? Since it's too late to change all of the posters and the ads at this point,the least you could do is give us some early wide release dates.

Otherwise,a good number of people will simply not be able to choose between the two and settle for a less than happy medium,which will have your accountants wailing on Monday mornings"Why did we lose out to Space Chimps?!" or worse,"How did Meet Dave get such a
second wind?"

Don't mean to scare you guys but you should take this a little bit seriously. Some box office battles should have a fun edge mixed with the spirit of friendly competition. Movie going choices shouldn't make folks lose their heads or other limbs to share in the entertainment joy:

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Ladytink_534 said...

We went to see Wanted Sunday so we probably won't make it to the movies again while we're on vacation but I can't wait to see Hancock but we will go see Dark Knight! Mamma Mia does look like it will be cute though.