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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Estelle Getty,thank you for being our friend

One of the Golden Girls shines no more amongst us mere mortals. Estelle Getty,who played Sophia,passed away the other day at the age of 84. Ironically enough,she was the youngest member of the Golden Girls cast,which almost hindered her from getting the part of Dorothy's wise cracking mother who was not shy about expressing any opinion but did cringe at three little words,"Shady Pines,Ma!"

Getty got her start in Yiddish theater and worked on the borscht belt circuit for many years,which lead her to Broadway. She originated the role of Mrs. Beckoff in Torch Song Trilogy and was still playing the part in Hollywood when she auditioned for Golden Girls.

She received several Emmy nominations(and one win in 1988),plus a couple of Golden Globe ones(and another win in 1986)for her work on the show. Unfortunately,Getty also wound up with a Golden Raspberry award as Sylvester Stallone's co-star in Stop,or My Mom Will Shoot!

Getty made other film appearances that were more appreciated: Tootsie,Mask,even Mannequin-but Sophia Petrillo is the role that immortalized her. The character was so loved by fans that she wound up playing her on more than one show. Sophia popped up on Empty Nest,Nurses and the short lived GG spin-off,Golden Palace.

As a tribute,the Lifetime channel(which reruns Golden Girls on a daily basis)will have a Best of Sophia marathon this Friday. They'll be showing ten episodes,with the fan favorite(that you can vote for at their website)being played last but definitely not least.

I have no doubt that Lifetime will honor her memory well,along with the many fans of The Golden Girls who adored Sophia as if she was one of their family. However,I feel the need to do my own tribute to Estelle Getty,who was like the grandmother I never had and whose on screen relationship with Bea Arthur as her daughter inspires me to further develop the strong bonds of love,friendship and respect within my immediate family circle. So,here's to you,Estelle:






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Ladytink_534 said...

I was so sad when I learned she was gone but I know her last few months were really bad too :(