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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Liven up your school lunches,the pop culture way

While watching Food Network late last night(it's a good way to get pleasant images into your head before entering dream land),I saw an item on one show that we actually have in my house. There's a company that makes food containers for kid's lunches which are shaped and/or designed like the actual name brand products,to keep the food from getting squished during transport.

My mom uses one of their Wonder bread sandwich holders,which does work very well. They also have Pepperidge Farm Goldfish containers,Pop Tart holders and Chester Cheetah heads for Cheetos. This lead me to thinking about the good ol' lunch box of yore-the one back to school item that was actually fun to shop for.

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the past,present and possible future designs of pop culture related lunch boxes. One of the classics of lunch box iconography is the Scooby Doo lunch box,which most folks know was a favorite of Duddits from the godawful film version of Dreamcatcher(I love Stephen King's work but even that book was hard to read,a rarity to be sure).

I never had a Scooby Doo one,even tho I did like the cartoon. Back when I was in grade school, we still had metal lunch boxes which could be pretty dangerous in the wrong hands.

I owned a Peanuts one that was red,with Snoopy on the front side,resting on his doghouse and a small panel of a weekly strip in one corner. One day,I was being hassled at school(the details are rather fuzzy in my memory banks)and wound up using my Snoopy box as a weapon of self defense(not the recommended use that the company intended)and got in trouble for it.

Fortunately,the kid I hit wasn't severely injured and since I was usually the kind of person who got the worst handed to her during these things,my mother was not mad at me for fighting back. She told the principal so and we went out to celebrate. One of my better school moments of playground triumph.

By the time my younger sister was of school age,plastic lunch boxes were the norm. I don't recall any that she owned then,but nowadays she does have a Kill Bill lunch box with thermos(she also has Kill Bill shot glasses,strictly for decorative purposes). It's the kind that people own as a collectible rather than an actual food carrier,which has become pretty popular these days.

What is considered collectible is in the eye of the beholder. A couple of years ago,I was lucky enough to come across a thermos from a Batman:The Animated Series lunch box at a church rummage sale.

Now,some might not have bothered with such an item(especially since it was sans lunch box)but as a fan of the show,I was happy to snatch that baby up. Also,the design of the logo is really quite sophisticated for a mass produced drink container,in my humble opinion. Perhaps I will find the box that goes with at another rummage sale or thrift store,with any more luck.

Well,regardless of the changing times and materials,lunch is one of those daily routines that never truly goes away. Of course,you don't need a fancy box with pop culture pictures on it to express your individuality but it does provide a nice distraction from the possibly odd food choices you have tucked inside in from the public at large:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I've seen some of those at Walmart but I think the "Tater-Tub" is new to me! There are now tons of cool retro lunchboxes that people collect and 9 times out of 10 they'e made of metal (I agree with you about Dreamcatcher, I've tried to block most of it). I've found a couple I wouldn't mind having but I don't own any (despite my Disney collection).

The lunchbox you're talking about (I love that show) is on ebay really cheap but it doesn't come with a thermos lol.