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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tap your toes to the tunes of Twirock!

Many Harry Potter fans are familiar with wizard rock,the musical subgenre of rock bands that take on the personae of characters from the HP books and write/sing original songs based on them. The first,and best known,was Harry and the Potters(and yes,there is a group called Draco and the Malfoys)and now,there are literally dozens upon dozens of other HP based musical combos out there.

Taking a cue from that movement is a new type of music known as Twirock. The Twi stands for Twilight,as in the Stephenie Meyer series. Just like the wizard rockers,many of the Twirock folk perform in public and have CD albums available for their fans to purchase.

One of these is an all-girl group called The Bella Cullen Project,which is based in Texas and had their first performance at a midnight release party for the third book in the series,Eclipse. The BCP has just released their debut CD last month and here is a video for the second song on the playlist called "Out of the Blue". These girls have a pretty good set of pipes and could certainly give the likes of the Pussycat Dolls a real run for their money:

A more recent release is "Diary of a Forks Girl" from Bella Rocks! fronted by Katie Parr. Just looking over the title list she has makes me want to listen to her tunes-who could not want to hear a tune named "The Vampire Baseball Song",honestly? In listening to this pro-Jacob(she does profess to be more of an Edward fan) song,"Changing",you get a very folksy vibe off of her:

Guys like Twilight,too as the Mitch Hansen Band proves all too well. Their album,Twilight Hour,is downloadable from iTunes and also out on CD.

I found a clip of a recent performance they did at a Breaking Dawn Prom midnight release party. It amuses me to no end,seeing people rock out in a book store. The song the guys are singing is "Jacob Black" and it's from Edward's p.o.v.,so it's the complete opposite of "Changing":

I think that both wizard rock and Twirock are great creative outlets for fans of the books and are further encouraging a open love of reading. However,some of the wizard rock people are not thrilled by their moonlit cousins and have been sniping at them in public. During a recent wizard rock panel discussion,a few members of different wizard rock groups called the Twirock movement and the book series,"The Hannah Montana of literature."

People,that is so not cool. Yes,you came first and all of that,but surely you received some mocking and flack from those who thought what you were doing to be juvenile,too. Don't you think that it would be more in line with the spirit of the Potter books to be helpful,not hurtful? There is no doubt in my mind that if J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer were to meet up somewhere for lunch,the two of them would get along fabulously. Also,neither of them would want their fans to be fighting with each other.

Twirock has got me thinking about what songs would be appropriate for each book and my personal picks for a tune that best defines the theme of each of the novels.

For the original Twilight,I went for one of my favorite songs from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer's musical episode,"Under Your Spell". Tara's declaration of love for Willow is similar to Bella's amazement at falling in love with Edward and how he could find her to be worthy of him,given his otherworldly beauty and charms.

With the follow-up duet that Tara later has with Giles,as she discovers the dark side of her beloved,the song is also a good reflection of the consequences that both Bella and Edward must face to deal with the realities of their situation:

New Moon has two different threads,Bella's dealing with Edward leaving her and her extended period of emotional mourning and her recovery from that by connecting with Jacob Black,who turns out to be a real rival for her affections.

To take the first half of that by the reins,my choice is Heart's "Alone". The song is perhaps a tad overly dramatic but then again,what young woman doesn't feel that way about her first big break-up(or her second,third,etc?). Plus,you can't go wrong with the sisters Wilson:

The natural choice for the rest is "Two Princes" and combined with one of the many Gilmore Girls love triangles,this video suits New Moon to a T:

"Two Princes" carries over to Eclipse,which I'm in the middle of reading at the moment. The tussle between Edward and Jacob for Bella's heart is pretty intense and at different times,I have more sympathy for one or the other.

Edward's over protectiveness of Bella gets to be very controlling at certain points and while she does call him on it,I do get the urge to give Edward one of those Moonstruck smacks in the face and tell him "Snap out of it!" Since I can't do that,the next best thing is to use the modern Police classic"Every Breath You Take" as a highlighter for his bad behavior:

Soon enough,I will be able to read Breaking Dawn and either share in the joy or the sorrow that most of the Twilight fans have already been(and still are)discussing amongst themselves. It's too soon to figure out what song will be like the porridge that Goldilocks chose for BD,but perhaps a Twirock band will have a couple of new tunes out for it by the time I'm done.

Regardless, the real winners here are the worlds of reading and music,who are now walking hand in hand with one another and leading a new generation of readers/music lovers into an interesting new realm of creative experience. With such a broad new horizon,we can all get our happy ending:

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