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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Project Runway's Final Four flower show,Top Design's triathlon and will 13 be a lucky number for The Amazing Race?

For their last challenge,the Final Four designers on Project Runway took a literal field trip to the Botanical Gardens. They were each given cameras and asked to take numerous pictures,one of which would be used as the inspiration for a evening gown that would decide who gets to go to Bryant Park.

Everyone had a major bad case of nerves this round,which did affect the gowns they made. Korto chose a lovely orange blossom as her basis but unfortunately,the design looked too much like a basic pattern. Michael Kors called it a "pagent" dress but did say that it was well made. I felt so bad for her,she was wiping away tears of tension during the judging(with more dignity than a certain someone else did,who I'll get to soon enough).

Leanne chose a lavender plant as her inspiration and the bodice of her lovely layered dress was a real highlight of the show. A major misstep,however,was the bolt of blue fabric added to the back of the gown at the last minute. It was hastily put on and did nothing for the rear view whatsoever.

Jerell's dress was deemed the winner and it did deserve props for it's blend of color and shape,even with that top that made the model's cleavage plunge deeper than the Grand Canyon there.

Jerell used a cluster of purple and plum colored roses as his photo muse,which you can sort of see with the sparkly embellishments at the bosom. Concerns were raised about the bottom hems of the dress that you could easily see where not fully completed. Nevertheless,he was tapped to go to Bryant Park but even his place there is not totally secure.

Last and definitely least was Kenley's crappy crocodile number,based on a picture she took of some pebbly textured leaves. She wanted to make her gown scaly and she got her wish,that's for sure!

The entire look of the dress came across as a mad scientist's result of an experiment to crossbreed a mermaid with Barney the Dinosaur(do those scales at the bottom of that thing look more like a fish or a dragon? You make the call!).

Worse than the dress was Kenley's attitude and consistently rude behavior towards the judges. For a minute there,I thought Heidi was going to bitchslap Kenley after she was openly sniped at by Little Miss Can't Be Wrong for how inelegant the bottom half of the gown looked. Kenley was practically throwing such a fit during the judging that even Veruca Salt would find it to be out of line.

Nobody was sent home,due to the judges not being able to choose a loser. They were all sent off to make their Fashion Week collections and another elimination will be made before Bryant Park. While I do agree that the Final Four was not at their best here,Kenley deserved to be dismissed.

The real fireworks went off during the Q & A portion,when each designer was asked why they should go forward and who should go with them. Both Jerell and Leanne critiqued Kenley openly(which lead to more pouting)while Korto made her preference for Jerell and Leanne at the Finale without taking any shots at Kenley.

That apparently did not make an impression on her,since she tossed Korto right under the bus and then whined backstage about how she was "forced to" when Korto called her out for that. I was so sick of Kenley's "Poor me,I was raised to be tough and no one likes me for it" mantra during the whole episode. Give me a bloody break with that happy crappy,honey! Judges,please do not let this immature brat get a shot at Bryant Park,she's a bad egg that needs to be pulled off of the line.

On Top Design,the decorators finally had an individual challenge,three of them to be exact. It was called the First Annual Top Design Triathlon and it begin with a chair redesign. Nathan won that one and immunity as well.

He also won the second challenge(a table setting one)and more immunity,which saved him from being on the chopping block for the last challenge that was pretty much phoned in. The designers had to create a room good enough for a photo shoot in Elle Decor magazine,with items bought at a garden center.

Wisit was one of the few folks who were very creative with this challenge. He whipped up a Parisian apartment in the springtime motif that was chic and stylish. He even treated the judges to more of his opera singing,which is superb. The rest of the contestants need to keep their eye on Wisit,because he's one of those quiet ones,as the old saying goes.

Natalie won the third challenge,for the cozy little lounge area she created and Nathan was dubbed the overall winner of the triathlon. That made sense,seeing as he won two out of three there. Natalie's room will be the one who gets the Elle Decor photo spread,tho,a nice feather for her cap.

It was down to either Teresa or Andrea for the loser,with Teresa going home for the dull brown room that she trimmed with plants. The room's look came across as an afterthought,in my opinion. Andrea didn't do much better but she really needs to step her game up and stop getting distracted by what everyone else is doing. Focus,Andrea,focus! You can't coast on being Mrs. Rick Schroder for long.

Judge Kelly Wearstler always has an odd sense of style every time I see her but her beehive hair and sad little glitter dress for the final judging was bizarre even by the usual "Crazy Hair" standards. I know this isn't a fashion show but could Tim Gunn stop by to give her a makeover,seriously?

Kelly,no doubt you are tops in your field but for a viewer like me,it's hard to take your opinion with the full gravity it deserves when you look like you're on your way to an open audition for Hairspray. Just saying!

The Amazing Race began it's thirteen season by heading for Brazil,where their clue hunting lead them to push around old school barista carts and chose between climbing up a huge flight of stone steps on their hands and knees or climbing down a tall building on a rope ladder. Not a fun choice either way on that one.

Too soon to root for anyone yet,but I do like Team Comic Book so far. The most colorful of this season's bunch was Arthur and Anita,a pair of tie dyed beekeepers,but they were the first team to be eliminated. Too bad,guys but take heart;at least you don't have to put up with Terrance and Sarah's whining during the rest of the race:


HEROES: Out of all of the shiny new developments and plot twists the show has given us so far,the one that will really set the season on fire more potently than that flame boarding Claire's birth mother gave her(she's going on that Kill Bill path to find a mentor,whether or not anyone else likes it and it's their own fault for not helping that girl channel her rage in a constructive way) is the partnership between Noah Bennet and Sylar.

While I don't fully buy the whole "Sylar is a secret Petrelli" deal(even he doesn't trust the source of that info),Angela's influence is not to be taken lightly. Noah may think he can string Sylar along until he finds a way to kill him but as we all know,the man is nothing if not readily adaptable to new circumstances and convincing to boot:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I thought I would like Korto's when she was making it but it really turned out "just okay". I loved the front of Leanne's dress! it's just so interesting... the back was a disaster though. Jerrell's was the best but I'm with Heidi on the fact that it looks like it needs to be yanked up a smidge or so. Lol. " Kenley's crappy crocodile number" was SO ugly!!!

I'll be seriously disappointed if that snippy little brat takes the place of someone who should be going to Bryant Park. You're right, I think even Veruca Salt would have been appalled by her behavior. Certainly everyone else is!

Off to watch Ghost Hunters!