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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top Design sets up for the finale,Heroes and Mad Men's Peggy finally 'fesses up

Another guest judge filled in for Kelly Wearstler this week on Top Design and he certainly wasn't shy about giving his opinion!

Jeff Lewis from the Bravo series "Flipping Out" is known to be both mental and mouthy and while I've never watched that show,his stance on who should stay and who needed to go was a sharp breath of fresh air. I think Top Design just found their Anthony Bourdain,folks.

The challenge given to the Final Four was to pick one room in a townhouse to design and make that look the signature piece for what they would do for the rest of the place. The last part's important because the Final Three will have to make over the entire townhouse to earn the win.

Ondine chose a small back bedroom and turned it into a home office space,using a black and white motif. While I wasn't crazy about the wallpaper she put up on one part of the wall at first,the overall affect came out very well.

The judges thought it was good,not great. Jeff Lewis really liked it,tho,pointing out that black and white is in style right now(the man does work in real estate,he ought to know)and that Ondine was in touch with the current trends,a good thing for any one in the creative arts to be.

Preston picked a room that was off of the kitchen and made it into a lounge(his strong suit,it seems). While he does get a tad repetitive with his hotel style set-ups,he does make them work.

The judges did point out that he needs to be careful with the size and scale of his furniture;Jeff Lewis complained about the orange padded bench being way too big and blocking the moving space in the room. Preston defended his choice(he wanted a bright splash of color)but did politely take the hint about arranging the room in a more free flowing fashion.

Nathan created a more subtle style than he usually does for the main bedroom of his townhouse. He wanted to show the judges that he was more than just Mr. Flashy with his aesthetic and while he did add some sly subversive touches,such as a vase of nails by the bed,the overall affect was pretty bland.

While Nathan toned it down,Eddie went over the top with his main bedroom and I really think the two of them should've done the complete opposite. Eddie's Martha Stewart side took full control and while Jeff Lewis was a tad harsh in saying that the room reminded him of elderly people and things such as walkers,bedpans and canes,it did have a very Golden Girls vibe and not in a good way.

So,Eddie was kicked out(finally!)but this probably won't be the last we see of him,since next week's Finale will no doubt use the now traditional standard of "let's get your former competitors to come in and help out with the last challenge!" routine. That guy just turns up like a bad penny,seriously.

Heroes is going to be taking a couple of weeks off(one of which is due to Election Day)and that's fine,since we need a little time to let some of these new changes sink in,like Maya getting her wish to be death tear free,Papa Petrelli throwing down the hammer on friend and foe alike and Sylar's possible double agent status.

I am glad to see Elle back and teaming up with Claire but one thing I would say to her is "Are you crazy?" The two power gals seek out Pinehearst to help Elle with her lack of electro control and what is the first thing they see once they arrive? Peter being thrown out of a high window and nearly getting killed due to the loss of his healing powers.

Claire goes right to his aid but what does Elle do? She insists on walking right into the place and asking for help! What kind of help do you truly think some secret corporation is going to give you when they're throwing people out of windows after taking their powers away?! I know you're desperate,honey,but you need to jump start your street savvy there:

Mad Men finished up their second season with folks worrying so much about the Cuban Missile Crisis that they let off a number of emotional bombshells. Peggy did just that with Pete,who is on the verge of leaving his wife,about the baby that she had after their brief affair and was given up for adoption.

Pete is quite a jerk at times(especially over refusing to adopt a child with his infertile wife)but you did feel sorry for him when Peggy lowered that boom. She had to do it,not only to explain why she didn't want to be with him but to unburden her soul about this difficult secret that she's been carrying around for awhile now.

It was the right thing to do,even if it did cause some pain. I was bothered by Father Gill's insistence on Peggy confessing to him(he learned about the baby via Peggy's older sister's confession)to the point of threatening her with hellfire. His need to know appeared to be unseemly,no different than some guy trying to get a girl to sleep with him by feeding on her fears about an impending disaster. Pete was the proper person for Peggy to confess to and he deserved to know the truth. Only time will tell how it will ultimately play out for the both of them:


TRUE BLOOD: Sookie's psychic abilities are now being called on to aid the local vampires to smoke out the person who's been embezzling money from Fangtasia. Not a bad way to help keep the peace but it looks like it may wind up literally biting Sookie back in a bloody way:



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My husband loves Heroes and I've recently seriously considering starting watching it... I also need to get caught up on True Blood since I've missed the last two weeks.