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Friday, December 19, 2008

Feast your eyes on these merry MSTie Shorts!

In the mail today,a good friend of mine sent me a great little DVD for Christmas called Mr. B's Lost Shorts.

The two of us are big Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans and one of the best parts of the show was the mockery of old movie/educational short films. Sort of a warm-up before the horrifying(for more than one reason) main feature.

The "Mr B" of the DVD title comes from Mr. B Natural,a bizarre music lesson with a Peter Pan flair to it. Other satirical targets include Design For Dreaming(a futuristic car ad as told by Fellini on acid)and the classic "Hired!". While I am thrilled to have this disc arrived before the big snowstorm in my neighborhood got any worse,I thought it would liven up any other snowbound folks out there to see a couple of my personal MST3K short faves:


Spring Fever has a frustrated suburbanite grumble about annoying the springs in his couch are so much that he invokes a Spring Sprite named Coilie to teach him the true value of those stretchy wonders. The fellow winds up becoming a long winded advocate for springs who nearly bores the audience as well as his friends to death. Fortunately,Mike and the 'Bots save us from the dull clutches of Coilie and his mirthless minion:


A Date With Your Family chronicles the proper way to conduct a family dinner,with the kind of natural ease and flow that you only get when dining with a group of total strangers. The Stepford Wives could take a few hints on mindless homemaking skills from this brainwashed bunch:


Posture Pals starts off with a classroom of kids taking a posture test and then being encouraged to improve themselves by the chance of winning a contest that will make one boy and girl the Prince and Princess of Posture,complete with crowns. Keep an eye out for a young Melissa Gilbert amongst the four main protagonists of this riveting saga:


What To Do On A Date focuses on the budding romance of Nick and Kay,as they walk through the minefield of potential perils on their very first date together. A lot of the helpful hints handed out during this piece involve inexpensive ways to show a girl a good time,which might be useful to know these days:

While I enjoy my Christmas a little bit early,here's a fun tune from Joel and the Bots to get you into the right merry frame of mind for the season:

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