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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's see what's heating up the Movie Trailer Park this season

Another year is upon us,and during these chilly winter months is when Hollywood decides to unleash a mixed bag of cinematic goods in theaters. With the economy as tough as it is right now,it is going to take a mighty big lure to entice folks into hitting the multiplex instead of Netflix for some movie magic.

First out of their box of tricks is Underworld:Rise of the Lycans,a prequel that explains how the original vampire/werewolf war got started to set the earlier two films in the series into motion. Twilight fans,beware;this is not a sentimental version of paranormal romance but if you're willing to sample some real red meat with your supernatural cuisine,dig in:

For more literary tastes,Inkheart will be out this week,the first book from Cornelia Funke's fantasy trilogy of a father and daughter who both share a love of reading and a magical gift for reading out loud that brings people,places and things off of the pages.

Brendan Fraser stars as the dad,and he is very familiar with the material due to having narrated the audio book editions of the series. Fraser seems to have a strong yen for action fantasy flicks and hopefully will be able to bring in folks who haven't read the books but will want to do so after seeing this movie:

You might be tempted to dismiss Confessions of a Shopaholic as a Sex and the City knockoff,but you would be severely mistaken. The film is based on the Sophie Kinsella books featuring Becky Bloomwood,a savvy shopper who is not as quick witted when it comes to managing money.

While I do wish that the film was kept British(as the books were),it does appear to have the same sense of fun and consumer redemption that the source material has. Becky Bloomwood is a bit dizty(in the old school Hollywood sense of the word)but far from being dumb:

Two modern day masters of fantasy unite to create a more challenging animated delight for kids of all ages with Coraline,adapted from the children's book by Neil Gaiman. Tim Burton(with director Henry Selick at the helm)brings his love of stop motion techniques to bring to life this tale of a girl's journey into a wonderland that is not as wonderful as it seems.

Dakota Fanning,Teri Hatcher and Jennifer Saunders are some of the celebs who voice the characters here and with any luck,this film will be enpowering to all the budding Goth girls out there:

Finally,if you're in the need for some comic relief,Fanboys just might be your golden ticket.

Kristen Bell,along with several other genre related celebs such as Carrie Fisher,Kevin Smith and William Shatner,lend a helping hand to this geek fan quest undertaken by a group of Star Wars fanatics to raid what they consider to be the holiest of holy places,Skywalker Ranch.

Sounds very silly,I know,but sometimes the silly is just like the porridge that Goldilocks chose,just right for curing those midwinter blues:

Only time and the box office will tell if any of these films will do well. For an extra bonus,here's the trailer to Miss March,which stars two of the Whitest Kids U Know,Trevor and Zach,in a wacky adventure to seek out an old girlfriend who has become the latest Playboy centerfold. Real Oscar winning material here(I kid,I kid!):

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Ladytink_534 said...

All the guys in the family are so looking forward to seeing the new Underworld lol. I would much rather see Inkheart though- it was SUCH a good book! I tried so hard to like the Shopaholic books but Becky just did the same thing over and over again each book and I got sick of it but I'll probably enjoy the movie. I have got to read Coraline before the movie comes out but I can't wait to see it either! I'd rather skip the last two though.