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Monday, January 05, 2009

Meet the newest members of the Evil League of Evil

One of the bonus features on the Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog DVD is the top ten finalists who made it into the Evil League of Evil,based on the multitudes of video entries sent in.

While most of my personal favorites were given "dishonorable mentions",those who did
make it past the tight scrutiny of Bad Horse and his crew are quite a formidable bunch in most respects. As a form of public service,here are their applications for you to be alert for these latest menaces to society:

MR. TERRIBLE: He may seem like just another nice guy who loves his mother and the way she makes pork chops,but beneath that mild mannered exterior is the face of true evil. Amongst his crimes against humanity,he is most proud of setting lions loose into schools and leaving unwanted presents in your pool. While citizens may be safe from his reign of terror on Thursday nights,it is advisable not to eat spaghetti with this charming fiend:

MISS BROADWAY DORK:Another rather innocent looking suspect,don't be so quick to discount the danger from her random public performances and lethal use of jazz hands.I know that I would certainly be distracted while at a cash register with children and elderly folks nearby at the sight of a diva musically threatening all in her path with a set of tweezers:

L'ENFANT TERRIBLE: No relation to Mr.Terrible,this baby faced killer is armed with a toy box of deadly weapons and a disarming set of dimples that protect her from creamed spinach. Her youthful appearance is a brilliant cover for a precocious intelligence and a snarky catchphrase:

PRINCESS ZOMBIE: This self appointed royal refuses to be perceived as sleeping her way to the top-she would rather eat the brains of the living and recruit mindless minions to achieve her goal of world conquest instead. Citizens are advised not to approach her,no matter how slow moving she may seem,and to run if her Zomboni is coming down your street:

LORD STABBINGTON: This noble born villain comes from a long line of infamous slice and dicers,who has cut his somewhat sharp teeth on the bones of sibling rivalry. While there may still be some debate surrounding the circumstances of his father's demise,clearly His Lordship has paid his dues in blood and prolonged pain:

THE DUCHESS OF DEFEET: True terror comes when you least expect it and this determined corner of fury takes full advantage of that. Her crusade against the "Walkies" who oppress her clan of chair corners is bound to spread with the help of the E.L.E. No doubt before her vengeance is sated,the casualty rate of stubbed toes will be of epic proportions:

TUR-MOHEL: This truly terrifying orthodox evil doer is most impressive with his plans for spreading explosive chaos and his mighty Minyan. While he may have to work on his sinister one liners,the sharpness of his shears is a real threat to humanity(except on Saturdays):

THE REVEREND: An unholy terror,this puppet preacher can literally destroy you with fire and brimstone,plus he packs a mean rap musical style. Folks would do well not to leave the far-from-good Reverend alone with barnyard animals and to keep their stables firmly secured in the evening hours:

Other new E.L.E members include Calamitous Orphan,who is still working out the kinks of his psychokinesis and his parental issues,and the Movie Monkey,who does have a theme song but is easily distracted by the sight of Felicia Day.

Congratulations to one and all who can now take a seat beside Dr. Horrible and Bad Horse in plotting the end to life as we know it. As for the rest of the potential villains,fret not. As the Dr. Horrible DVD shows,there are more than enough of you around to form several organizations dedicated to crime and chaos.

A few suggestions for names that could strike fear into the hearts of millions include The Sinister Society,The Wicked Bunch and Wrath Attack. Oh,and I would encourage any fresh new group of evil doers to recruit as their recording secretary,Sarah The Immortal Temp. With the state of the job market these days,her treacherous skills and typing speed would be quite a valuable asset indeed:

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