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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Party Music for Super Cool Party People!

Today is a very historic moment in American history,and since plenty of folks will be taking some much needed time out to rejoice and make merry,the best thing that I could do here is supply the tunes.

Now,keep in mind that my musical taste is rather offbeat and occasionally middle of the road(I am the kind of person that they make Greatest Hits CDs for). However,there should be something here to please just about everyone and get them out on the dance floor.

First up,"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. Pretty much a no-brainer pick,but fitting for the mood of the day. This clip is from a live performance at the House of Blues in Chicago,also very apropos:

Next on the list,Weezer's "Beverly Hills"-it may not seem very family friendly but if you listen to the lyrics,the song is all about longing for the American Dream. Plus it has a good beat and you can dance to it. If that's a good enough criteria for Dick Clark,it's good enough for me!:

For a taste of old school,here's Kim Wilde with "Kids In America." After all,young people were a major component in this election and should be honored for that,one way or another:

Also known as the Smallville theme song,check out Remy Zero's "Save Me". The band may not be together anymore,but this uplifting tune will be around for quite awhile:

"Believe it or not",the infamous theme song for The Greatest American Hero,was originally sung by Joey Scarbury but for today,the Hep Alien rendition performed on
Season Five of Gilmore Girls feels more appropriate. For one thing,it was played at an election victory party and for another,it's very rock n' roll:

Last but far from least,"You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. This whole song,in my opinion,is the unofficial theme to this whole campaign and no party would be complete without it. Happy Obama day,folks and let's all keep this positive mood in place during the hard times we'll be facing together:

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