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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This spring,prepare to go Beyond Heaving Bosoms for a real look at Romancelandia

One of the best and most entertaining literary websites I've ever been to is Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books,run by the delightfully snarky Candy Tan and Sarah Wendell.

These two ladies have helped countless numbers of folks to come out of the genre closet and be proud of reading romance novels,while having a healthy sense of humor about such things as the cover art(I wouldn't be surprised if the term "Man Titty" is officially credited to them)and some of the cliches that dominate more than one type of literature on the shelves.

They also hold discussions on other topics pertaining to book lovers such as the rise of the Kindle,Sherry Jones' controversial Jewel of Medina novel,and the glories of the Hoff(that's Mr. David Hasselhoff to you,missy!). The SBs do excellent coverage on romance writers that not only means reviews but inside the industry looks at RWA(Romance Writers of America)and their conventions.

Their wit and wisdom will soon be shared with readers everywhere as their guide to romance novels,Beyond Heaving Bosoms,will be released on April 14. As part of the promotion for the book,the SBs have been holding a book trailer contest. The deadline for entry is over,but the videos are available for viewing on YouTube. Let's take a look at some I've selected for extra consideration:

I'M A LITERARY HEROINE..AND I'M A ROMANCE HEROINE:Sure,this is the now classic "Mac and PC" parody,but the classics never really go out of style. Also,I love the outfits and bonus points for the use of "Man Titty!":

A ROMANCE REVOLUTION: Romance Heroine strikes again,this time as a leader of a protest against the plot cliches that her fellow leading ladies have had to deal with over and over. Things are pretty bad when one has had amnesia so many times that it's become permanent!:

FROM VICTORIAN TO VIXEN: This clip shows the instant affects of romance reading upon a rather straight laced young lady who clearly needs to liven up her life as well as loosen that tight collar of hers:

TOM JONES TRIBUTE:This video comes from author Marta Acosta,one of the many romance writers who frequently comment on the site and she gives a very accurate rundown of what Smart Bitches is like:

THE DAY THE ROMANCE WORLD STOOD STILL: More of the appreciative authors in the romance field got together to show their luurrve for the SBs and to take some time to chill,old school style:

BEYOND CLENCH COVERS:Taking a more serious stance on the merits of romance novels,this clip does showcase the high literary standards of the genre that many folks take for granted(along with some impressive pics of manliness):

Good luck to whoever wins and best of luck to Sarah and Candy in getting the good word out on Beyond Heaving Bosoms. I will be reminding everyone about it when it comes time for my March/April book preview but it's not too soon to put in your pre-orders,people! Writing is a tough business and a tiring one,too. New books need all the support they can get,especially from friends:


Jill Monroe said...

All these are a lot of fun!

Ladytink_534 said...

"Little balls of sunshine in a bag" lol.