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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Top Chef goes fishing,Heroes goes on the lam and American Idol goes to Hollywood

It's getting down to the wire on Top Chef and this week,Eric Ripert was back as guest judge which had all the chef shaking in their shoes. For the Quickfire Challenge,the chefs had to compete in a fish filleting tournament that began with sardines(very hard to properly butterfly) to freshly killed eels that were still a tad twitchy.

In the middle of Round two(arctic chard),Leah was having trouble with her fish and just totally gave up and quit. She had plenty of time left to try and do her best but she didn't,which I was glad to see Hosea take notice of. In the end,it was Hosea vs. Stefan and since Stefan had previous experience with eels,he won yet again.

For the Elimination Challenge,everyone went to lunch with Ripert and the judges at Le Bernadin,the renowned restaurant Ripert owns. It would've been a good idea for the chefs to pay special attention to the food they were served,since the challenge was to reproduce the dishes on their own. Stefan had first choice of what to cook as his Quickfire prize and he went for the baked lobster with asparagus.

Despite making the sauce thicker than it should be,Stefan did really well with this dish. The judges loved it and a couple of them even jokingly remarked to Ripert that Stefan seemed to be "nipping at his heels."

Carla made a nice showing as well(as did Fabio),with her poached escolar and potato crisps. She had a little trouble getting the oil hot enough to fry up the potatoes(she always seems to have kitchen trouble one way or another)but it turned out just fine and dandy,according to the panel.

Stefan won the challenge and his prize package included a copy of Ripert's new book, an invite to spend a week cooking at one of Ripert's restaurants and to accompany him to the Aspen Food and Wine Festival. You can't get a better deal than that on The Price Is Right,that's for sure!

In the bottom three were Hosea,Jamie and Leah,who was totally clueless about her dish. She screwed up the sauce for the mahi-mahi by adding too much butter when she was supposed to use lemon instead(all the ingredients needed for each dish were provided for each chef,so there's no excuse for that)and cut back on the miso to make up for that. Toby Young barely had any on his plate!

Jamie was the one sent home,due to oversalting the celery for the black bass which made the whole thing inedible. True,that's a huge deal but I was way more bothered by Leah's lack of attention regarding her dish, At least Jamie and Hosea knew what they did wrong and fessed up to it. Leah just didn't seem to care. Judge Tom even asked her about quitting on the Quickfire and if she really wanted to be here.

She said that she did,but I'm not convinced of that. Next week,it's Final Four time and the joint will be jumping,along with the pots and pans.

Heroes returned on Monday,to start off a new chapter called "Fugitives". Nathan has started up a secretive "Round Up The Mutants" campaign,targeting Peter,Hiro and Matt Parkman. Little does Nathan know that Matt is starting to develop that Paint The Future trick,thanks to his growing psychic powers, and that Hiro is now powerless but Ando is not(and can track Hiro down via a GPS implant).

I never liked Nathan and now especially,it would be great if Sylar took him out. Speaking of Sylar,the hit squad went after him by setting him up in a deserted house where he was told his runaway dad would be. Things did not go well for those fellas:

American Idol made it to Hollywood week,with the infamous Group challenge. Plenty of drama was stirred up,enough to fulfill the needs of a dozen soap operas. Many folks were cut,some more deserving of it than others.

The only good thing was that they finally got rid of that stupid "Bikini Girl". She was such a little diva(like the name of her group)who went to bed hours before the other girls,then took forever and a day to get out of bed the next morning. She tried to claim that wearing high heels all day made her "scoliosis" act up. Oh,please,as if anyone who had an active case of scoliosis would be wearing high heels in the first place!

It's a shame that Bikini Girl had to bring down two other more talented girls along with her. That's showbiz,I guess!


GOING FISHIN': There will be no fresh post here at LRG tomorrow,due to my attendance of the New York Comic Con this weekend. I will have some coverage on the Con next week(along with a few pictures,hopefully)and several TV shows will be holding panel talks there,such as Chuck,Torchwood,Fringe and Life on Mars. I don't think that I'll be able to check out those(since a good number of the shows listed are ones I don't watch)but if I see any celebs,you good folks will be the first to know.

A word of advice for new attendees: be careful about who you call a "tracer." Those are fighting words,my friend:

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