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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heroes takes a chill,A.I. goes to Motown and Little Dorrit on PBS

American Idol's theme last night was Motown and on hand to provide some mentoring was Smokey Robinson(along with an appearance by Berry Gordy)who seemed to be on automatic pilot at times.

He certainly was for Megan,when she really needed some good advice about singing "For Once In My Life" with a cabaret flair. Megan,don't you know that Simon HATES that style more than life itself?

Even without Simon's prejudice,her rendition of the song was all over the place,with the main problem being that you need a strong personality to pull it off and her approach was just too laid back. Sorry,hon,but I have to give you another Sanjaya Award this week:



There were several good performances(some that I feel were better than the judges deemed to be so,in between pulling out crayons from underneath Paula's tutu-ick!)but once again,Adam Lambert stopped the show by taking it down a notch. His unplugged version of "Tracks of my Tears" did the song justice and let him stay true to his own sense of style(he looked a little like Kurt Russell when he played Elvis onscreen). Go,Adam,go and if you want to put that black nail polish back on,you do that:

Heroes returned this week,revealing the identity of Rebel(not too surprised to see that it's Micah)who was nearly betrayed by Tracy,due to a back door deal with HRG.

She finally managed to showcase the extent of her freezing ability to save Micah from capture,along with a bit of redemption there for her past selfishness. Since there is supposed to be at least one more sister left in the bunch,this may not be the last we see of Ali Larter on this series. She certainly went out with style this time around:


Masterpiece Classic continues their Tales of Charles Dickens with a new miniseries of Little Dorrit beginning this Sunday night. Claire Foy stars as Amy Dorrit,the young lady of the title,who must make her own hard way in the world amidst odd characters and a troubling family mystery.

This should be quite a treat,especially since Andrew Davies adapted the screenplay and there are a slew of old school and fresh faced English actors on deck for this production. Should be a very comforting way to spend a Sunday night,indeed:


THE NUMBER ONE LADIE'S DETECTIVE AGENCY: Just a friendly reminder that the adventures of Mma Ramotse also begin this Sunday night. I know it will be tricky to try and see this show along with Little Dorrit(which you can view online at the PBS website the day after the first episode airs)or whatever else is your usual weekend fare but the effort will be well worth it:

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