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Monday, March 16, 2009

A slew of superhero silliness

Judging by the box office take this past weekend,you might think that Watchmen is slipping out of the pop culture spotlight. It's descent to the second spot on the top grossing movies is obviously due to the release of the much more kid friendly flick Race to Witch Mountain.

That's to be expected,but I don't think that the movie will be blinked out of moviegoer's sights just yet. For one thing,there's quite a few parodies of Watchmen going around the internet,which tells me that interest in the film and graphic novel is alive and well.

The best known current parody is "Saturday Morning Watchmen" created by Harry Partridge and it's beyond hilarious. Even if you haven't read the book or seen the movie yet,this look at what a slightly cleaned up kiddie show version of this story will get you giggling(unless you're Alan Moore,then it's your worst fears come to life):

Rorschach,being the darkest character,is naturally the subject of plenty of skits. In this infomercial spoof, he puts out an album of classic tunes with his own unique take on life added in:

Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan get spotlighted in this sitcom skit(what,no Comedian? He'd be a no brainer for this kind of thing!)that combines the film with the never ending reason that Charlie Sheen still cashes a paycheck on CBS:

Speaking of the big blue guy,Just Some Random Guy follows up his Wolverine vs. Watchmen with Rorschach and has Logan square off against Dr. Manhattan in round two. The funny thing is that it's not really brains against brawn,rather it's a lack of personal armaments that wins the day:

Let me round this out with a couple of clips that merrily mock the old school Superfriends. One of the former commercial bumps from Cartoon Network had the Powerpuff Girls rescuing Wonder Woman and Aquaman from the Legion of Doom. Yeah,that talking to fish trick is not always handy to have as a means of last resort there:

This SNL skit is classic in many ways;not only does it have a mix of DC and Marvel characters at a house warming party for Superman and Lois Lane,it also features a number of old school Not Ready For Prime Time Players such as John Belushi as The Hulk,Dan Ackroyd as The Flash and Bill Murray as both Supes and Clark Kent.

Bonus points for having Margot Kidder as Lois,but ,hey,the humor back then was far from subtle but it was super silly in a good way:


Jen said...

Great touch adding It's Just Some Random Guy's latest video. He's brilliant, and even his "production values" are just perfect for the parodies.

Ladytink_534 said...

These are awesome! Love Just Some Random Guy. I really liked this movie but I haven't read the graphic novel yet.