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Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Frivolous Friday videos

Since these are tough times that try the very end of men and women's souls,I thought it might be fun to have my own blog version of Casual Friday once in awhile. Nothing fancy,just a few interesting pop culture odds and ends that don't quite fit into a major post but are worth mentioning(or at least having a laugh about)

So,this new feature will be called Frivolous Friday and if you like it,let me know and I'll even take suggestions on things to highlight for future FF posts. Ok,let's get this party start,shall we?


I've been noticing this new series of TV ads for Tampax's Pearl line,with Mother Nature showing up like an annoying aunt cheerfully handing over that special "monthly gift" to perky young gals on the go. Yes,it's somewhat funny but having your womanhood treated like an unwanted fruitcake being forced on you by an aging shrew doesn't go down too smoothly there.

The latest one has a romance theme,with a seafaring dream setting and a come on line that Homer Simpson would love:


One of my late night guilty pleasures of late has been watching reruns of Reba on Lifetime;I didn't know that Reba McEntire was so funny! The show's kind of hokey at times but it can be a real hoot,especially when Reba and family have to endure the hyperactive antics of Barbara Jean,her ex-husband's wife who persists in becoming every one's best buddy. Melissa Peterman played that zany sidekick gal very well indeed:


The movie Troll 2 would appear at first to be just another one of those senseless sequels that you can find in the bargain bin of any video store and is so bad enough that they'll actually pay you to take it off their hands.

However,a rather strong cult following has sprung up around this freaky little flick that the need for a documentary to be made about it has been fulfilled. Currently,The Best Worst Movie is hitting the film festival circuit,starting with the South by Southwest(SXSW)and may be lurking towards a theater near you. I have to admit that I haven't seen Troll 2 but this fervent fan love sure makes me want to:


A major contender for the Worst Movie Ever crown is The Room,a favorite amongst such Hollywood folks such as Kristen Bell and the fellas at Tim and Eric's Awesome Show. My sister managed to see this sucker and swears that it is beyond horrible(and she's seen Halle Berry in Catwoman so she knows the depths of cinematic badness).

I've seen plenty of stinkers but not sure that I have the inner strength to withstand this monument to self indulgence that even Ed Wood himself would be floored by:


To wrap things up,here is the newest installment of It's Just Some Random Guy's look at Watchmen and the upcoming Wolverine movie. This round,Logan throws down with The Comedian and finds very little to laugh at. Hope you all like this clip and perhaps we'll have some more Frivolous Fridays in the future:

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Ladytink_534 said...

K, it's official, I love Frivolous Friday!

Not too crazy about Tampax's Mother Nature commercials. Oh I LOVE Reba! Well the person more than the show which is good but not my favorite. It's my husband's guilty pleasure (besides Friends) though shh...

I haven't seen any Troll movies lol and I probably never will but I loved that "I ended up a child star in probably one of the worst films ever made... that's pretty cool" line! The fans all look so normal, well most of them! Oh my The Room looks even worse. I've seen children's plays better acted than that!

I just adore Some Random Guy.