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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sylar's family reunion,American Idol's first official theme night and TAR's first blind U-Turn

The Amazing Race held their most recent leg in Siberia,where the main Detour challenges involved construction work(a choice between stacking wood or making window shutters to be put on a house)and a Roadblock that combined bobsledding with a "spell the name of a Russian playwright" task(it was Chekhov).

The biggest twist introduced to the Race this time was a blind U-Turn; in the past,a team that gave the U-Turn to another had to identify themselves via photo at the marked clue box,which naturally lead to extra bouts of rivalry on the road.

To spice things up more,now a team can anonymously make the couple they most want to slow down go back to do the other Detour choice.

The first ones to take advantage of this was Margie and her deaf son Luke to Amanda and Kris. Not the types that you would think of to pull this off,but,hey-it's the quiet ones you have to watch,as they say:

On Heroes,Sylar finally found his father(played by former Smallville MB,John Glover)who is dying of cancer and not threatened at first by his son showing up and declaring that he wants to kill him.

However,as the two of them chat while engaging in a taxidermy lesson, it turns out that the old man has some fight left in him after all and that the deadly apple doesn't fall far from the tree(sorry about the picture quality,folks):

Other developments include Claire losing her "free pass" in the government roundup,Nathan's flying power being exposed by Danko(good,I'm so sick of Nathan already)and Hiro and Ando coming to save Matt Parkman,only it's Parkman,Jr. that they have to protect. We'll have to wait a couple of weeks for a new episode but it may be worth the wait. From the promos,it looks as if Tracy is well on her way to becoming a real ice queen:

The Top 13 had their first big theme night on American Idol this week,with Michael Jackson songs being their first hurdle to overcome. As an extra cherry on the song sundae,a new development was announced called Judges Save. If all of the judges agree,a person can be spared from Elimination despite the people's vote.

Each contestant only gets one save and this practice will end once they reach the Top Five. That new spin didn't save Jasmine and Jorge(who weren't that bad but not so great this time out)and I was worried about Anoop for a moment,but he managed to pull thru there for another week.

No one was really out and out horrible this week,so a reluctant Sanjaya award goes to Megan for her ultra cutesy rendition of "Rocking Robin". I'm sorry about this,Megan but it couldn't be helped-I do think you're a good singer but this performance looked more like an audition for Yo Gabba Gabba than a ready for primetime number:




CHOPPED: Food Network has come up with a new cooking competition show that crossbreeds the Quickfire challenges from Top Chef with the occasionally odd ingredients from Iron Chef. Four chefs start off three rounds of cooking,having to use whatever is given to them in mysterious black baskets,and at the end of each round,one of them is "chopped" for having the least successful dish.

The winner of the whole deal gets ten grand,not to mention some sweet publicity from their appearance. Ted Allen hosts and I have to say that it's a fun bit of fast and furious cooking to watch:

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