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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Top Chef Reunion,Nip/Tuck tries to wrap up loose ends and more A.I. madness

The gang from Season Five of Top Chef had their reunion special on last night and there was plenty to chew over,from the "bromance" between Stefan and Fabio to the potential hookup of Hosea and Leah(who both lost their significant others over their caught on camera couch clinch).

Fabio won the Fan Favorite vote,giving him ten grand and even more attention. Congrats,my man-granted you were annoying at times but not as much as Stefan,who declared that he was "happy" to have not won the show. That was as believable as PETA wanting to hold a steak dinner for the heads of the fur industry.

New Top Chef T-shirts were handed out( "I heart Fabio" for Stefan and "Cougar in the kitchen"for Ariane)and much laughter was shared over various clips of TC odd moments and hijinks,like the "birthday curse" that had a chef getting eliminated around their birthday. To me,the trend I'll remember best from this season is the major bout of spit takes by Padma and others made for too salty/sweet food:

Nip/Tuck finished up their season with Christian considering cryogenics as a way to cheat death,Sean's wild child girlfriend being even more messed up than we knew and a kinky vampire couple needing some neck repair. The main event,however,was the wedding of Christian and Liz that went almost without a hitch(you knew they would do that "speak now or forever hold your peace" bit when Kimber came into the church).

The end kicker was that Christian was told at the last minute by his doctor,"Oh,wait-you don't have cancer,someone else does! My bad!" just as he,Wilbur and Liz were going on their honeymoon. I know that next season(which will be in 2010) that things won't go well for the newlywed Troys after this but my hope is that Christian and Liz will try to make things work.

Christian does have some good in him and he's never going to find a better woman(on this show,anyway)who would truly love him for himself. Dude,any woman who is willing to marry a dying man and is not after his money is a keeper(not to mention switching sexual orientation teams for him as well). Oh,and Sean,don't get hooked on the laughing gas-it's not a fun ride:

The last batch of twelve sang on American Idol this week,with congratulations going to Scott,Jorge and Lil Rounds(Yay!)for getting spots in the Top Nine. Things aren't over yet,tho-the wild card show is on tonight. Eight dismissed singers will get another shot to fill the remaining three seats for the Top Twelve,including Anoop(yes!) and Tatiana(why?).

Nevertheless,there is only one Sanjaya winner this week and that dubious honor goes to Arianna Asfar for her butchering of the ABBA classic,"The Winner Takes It All." Simon called it a "funeral dirge" and it's the most apt description of a performance that he's given on the show.

Arianna kept saying that she was trying to make the song "contemporary" and if by that term,you mean "fit for a Goth version of High School Musical 4",then she succeeded! Hon,when even Meryl Streep can do a better job of delivering the song,you need to reassess your skill set:




THE AMAZING RACE: The teams went to Romania this week and the father/son duo of Mike and Mel did great guns here. The two of them were Team Number One,which was awe to the some to see.

Too bad the brother & sister team of Victor and Tammy(who I refer to as Team Lawyer) are not as in sync with each other. The Detour challenge took place in Transylvania and the two of them went for the Vampire Remains challenge but Victor insisted on following the wrong set of markers that lead them right into the middle of nowhere.

I just hope Victor is not this stubborn and determined to stick with a bad decision in his work;those are not qualities one would look for in a lawyer to handle their case unless you want to lose out big time:

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