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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Heroes finds a focal point,Rescue Me returns and Idol moves from eight to seven

American Idol's Top Eight had the old chestnut of "Song from the year you were born" this week,and very few of them managed to really pull this off(not for lack of trying,however).

Lil Rounds wound up in the Bottom Three,for her rendition of "What's Love Got To Do With It." I thought it was just me,but even Paula called her out for the painfully obvious Tina impression and when Paula can make a good call about your act,that's a bad sign.

I wasn't surprised to see Scott join her,since he's been doing too many Lite FM numbers to stick around any longer(they did take too long to tell him good bye-this Judges' Save thing is such a gyp!)but shocked that Anoop was there with them.

He was safe in the end but Kris Allen should've been in his place. Kris is a boring pretty boy who turned Don Henley's snarky pop political song into a frigging Jonas Brothers concert-ick! Well,he's not getting out of the Sanjaya Award here:



Rescue Me returned for a fifth season,with Tommy mourning his father in anger and getting ready for a Section Eight hearing while his ex Janet dates a rather sarcastic dude(Michael J. Fox)and his oldest daughter is dating one of his fellow firefighters.

This show has been known for it's off color blend of humor and pathos,not to mention taking an unflinching look at tough topics. With the arrival of a French writer looking for some personal accounts on 9/11 for a book she's writing,things are going to heat up in more ways than one:

One of the biggest complaints folks have regarding Heroes is the show's occasional plot meandering but I have to admit that Bryan Fuller's return seems to have had a strong settling effects on the storyline direction.

While the Sylar stuff always has something to please me(HRG was so not smart to try and outplay Danko and Sylar's mind games),it's good to see the rest of the crew start to put some pieces of the puzzle together as well.

Also nice to see Hiro and Ando get along again,even if that means Ando has to keep a silly face on to mellow out Baby Matt Parkman so that his Touch and Go ability doesn't slow them down. Wonder if they'll wind up going to Coyote Sands to join in with unearthing of a rather sinister secret project from the sixties:


THE OFFICE: Two new episodes are on tonight,with the premiere of Parks and Recreation sandwiched between them. It looks like P&R may be a good fit there,and that things at Dunder Mifflin will still be interesting,even without Michael Scott at the helm(especially if Kevin keeps on manning the phones):

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