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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Idol downloads a theme,Mel and Mike leave The Amazing Race and a set-up for more sinistersweet Sylar action

American Idol's alleged theme this week was iTunes downloads,sort of a lazy choice there in my opinion. You could tell that not much thought was given to it and it showed in many of the performances.

It wasn't a total surprise to see that Megan got the boot after that sad rendition of Bob Marley's "Turn Down The Lights" but it was a tad harsh of Simon to flat out tell the girl that there was no chance in hell of her getting a Judges' Save,so her Song of Survival turned back into a Song of Shame,like Cinderella's coach after midnight.

Megan was acting a tad wacky there,which makes me wonder if she took a sip out of Paula's glass(that stuff is not for amateurs,hon!).

Since Megan is on her way home there,I'll take more pity on her than Simon did and hand this week's Sanjaya award to Allison. Nothing personal,dear-you did try your best on "Don't Speak" but the song slipped out of your grasp during the bridge. Also,when the judges are talking more about your outfit(a Cyndi Lauper goes anime look)than your vocals,it's not good:



While Claire and Nathan shared some bonding time in Mexico and Angela and Peter both tried to find God on Heroes,our bad boy Sylar found himself a new buddy to play with. Teaming up with Danko to hunt down more of his kind is a rather sneaky master stroke of villainy there.

As Danko pointed out,Sylar could wind up being the only super powered being in town if their little scheme works out well. That's the type of evil worthy of a James Bond nemesis,it seems to me:

It was the end of the road for Mike and his father Mel on The Amazing Race,as the two of them lost steam in Thailand by getting lost on their way to a clue. That set them back for the rest of the leg pretty much.

Too bad they had to go,they seem like such nice guys and have a very nurturing father-son relationship. Jamie and Cara are truly working my nerves with their constant nastiness towards the locals and complaints about no one speaking English(hello,you did know this was a race around the world,right?).

Oh well, at least Mel and Mike had a memorable experience and took away some positive feelings from their time on TAR:


ANITA BLAKE,THE SERIES?: Reports abound online that Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books will become a cable TV series by 2010. IFC has made a deal with Lionsgate to bring Anita to the small screen,focusing on the earlier titles in the series(which are not as oversexed as the current crop).

With the success of True Blood on HBO,it appears that vampires have no choice but to go the pay cable route to get some love. I've fallen out of love with LKH's work but perhaps a decent version of her first few Anita books could remind me of what I liked about her in the first place. We shall see,folks:

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Ladytink_534 said...

Love Anita Blake even if I like the earlier ones better so I truly, truly hope that the TV series will be good. Hopefully even better than True Blood if possible!