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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Idol's movie madness,Heroes' sister act and Kathy Griffin will cut a bitch

American Idol's Songs from the Movies wasn't the cinematic songfest that I was hoping for(with the exception of Adam,of course)-most of the tunes chosen were ballads back to back. Talk about your lack of balance,people,geez!

Adam rocked the joint with "Born to be Wild" and was the only one to keep things moving,in my opinion. While Kris Allen's rendition of "Falling Slowly" almost made me fall asleep,Judge Kara woke me up with her comment about it being an "obscure song."

As Kyle's mom would say "WHAT,what,what!" Hello,that song won the Oscar last year! Need to be up on your game there,honey. They finally used the much talked about Judges' Save last night,which means that two people will be leaving next week. Why they had to waste it on Matt is beyond me-he's incredibly boring and the show will not be enhanced by his presence on Disco Night(which suits Adam perfectly-Adam and disco go together like milk and cookies).

Well,Matt may have been saved by the judges for another round,but he's not safe from the Sanjaya award here at LRG:



Heroes went into flashback mode this week,as Angela tried to reconnect with her long lost sister Alice(nice bit of casting with Diana Scarwid there)who was thought to have died with the rest of the empowered internees at Coyote Sands back in 1961.

I suspect that this story line was part of the intended plot for Heroes:Origins,the prequel set of shows that were nipped in the bud. Glad to see some of the character background stuff resurface somewhere,not to mention getting a gander at how the future founders of The Company met up for the first time:

While I haven't watched My Life on the D List,I do enjoy checking out Kathy Griffin's stand up specials on Bravo. Last night,her newest one,charmingly called "She'll Cut a Bitch" ,came on before the A List awards and it was good enough to make me miss most of the Idol results show.

Bravo will be replaying it plenty over the weekend,so be sure to see it for yourself. Kathy rips on celebrities like no one else can and still worships at the altar of fame unashamedly. That's what makes Kathy the killer queen of comedy that she is:


HELL'S KITCHEN: The set of chefs on deck is getting smaller and smaller,but the level of cooking is still on the slippery slope there. I hope that the next person to get chopped is Andrea,since her so called leadership skills haven't amounted to much more than fighting with her fellow contestants and acting like she's the big boss. How do you expect to run a big time restaurant in Atlantic City when you can't even keep track of the incoming orders in a way more scaled down version here?:

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