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Monday, April 06, 2009

Let's see who will be Flipping Out about winning this book!

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and will have a great week ahead of them,especially the winner of the Flipping Out contest. My thanks to all who participated and please feel free to stop by anytime.

Okay,time to announce the winner...(drumroll)...and the signed copy of Flipping Out goes to...(the suspense is killing me,I hope it will last!)....MARY K FROM L.A.!!!
(confetti flies free,noise makers go off)

Congratulations,Mary K and to collect your prize,please send me an e-mail at livingreadgirl@yahoo.com with your mailing address and I'll have the prize committee at St. Martin's ship your book out to you pronto.

To further celebrate this victory and as a runner up set of prizes,I've gathered a few clips of detective teams and home improvement shows mentioned in your comments this weekend. While the crime fighters outnumbered the house hunters here,it was fun and interesting to check out these fan favorites:

First up is Cagney and Lacey,a strong favorite and a show that I have fond memories of as well. Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly not only paved the way for more realistic approaches to policewomen on TV,they are still two acting dynamos today. Gless has a reoccurring role on Burn Notice and Daly is currently working on a TV biopic of Georgia O'Keeffe. You go,girls:

Another contender in the detective duet category is Veronica Mars and her dad,Keith(who is now starring on the CBS series,Flashpoint). Keith and Veronica did have a great working relationship that nicely blended in their strong father-daughter bond as well. It's a real crime that the show wasn't granted a fourth season:

I've never watched PBS Mystery but after looking at this tribute to Inspector Lynley and Sgt. Havers,I'm beginning to regret that quite a bit. Brit wit is very addicting:

On the home improvement front,This Old House is still the standard bearer. While there is a more modern version of the show on the air,I suspect that folks prefer the old school edition with Bob Villa:

Renovation Nation is a show that I'm not familiar with but have no doubts about it's popularity due to the eco-friendly focus on home remodeling. This clip features a couple getting a system to recycle shower water and setting up a compost heap run on canine waste products. Very circle of life indeed:

Thanks again to everyone who entered this contest and please keep an eye out for my full review of Flipping Out on April 11,which will be part of author Marshall Karp's blog tour. To round this post out,I decided to find a tribute clip for Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum,a huge favorite of many folks here. While there hasn't been a film version made just yet,most seem to agree that Sandra Bullock would be the ideal choice as the leading lady in question:


Mary Kontrary said...

wOOt! I'm flipping out all right! How cool is this!?! After a very difficult couple of weeks with pipes leaking and ceilings falling in and the unwelcome discovery of asbestos in the cottage cheese gunk that was on the ceiling and layoffs at work (not me, thank goodness, but a good friend, and anyway it's nerve-wracking to go through even if you aren't being let go), well, this is a welcome treat. Thanks so much, Lady T. Marshall Karp is a new author for me. Can't wait to read "Flipping Out."

lady t said...

You're very welcome,Mary-hope you like the book:)