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Thursday, May 07, 2009

American Idol's Rock Show,TAR's Final Three and Bravo begins it's Fashion Show

American Idol had Rock N' Roll night this week,and what a show it was. Adam set the stage on fire right from the start with his beyond awesome rendition of "Whole Lotta Love"(the first time anyone on Idol has been allowed to do a Led Zeppelin song)and his "Slow Ride" duet with Allison was a great performance as well.

Unfortunately,Allison wound up going home last night,making the Final Three all guys this season. I thought she did a decent job with "Cry Baby" and she certainly rocked out well with Adam but I guess that some of the dialing fans out there just want to see more of Kris(who has been over and done with for awhile now).

Since there was a new twist to the performances this round(having the remaining contenders do a duet),instead of my regular handing out of a Sanjaya award for worst singing,we at LRG had to come up with a special trophy honoring the weakest duet. Known as The Faux Hawk(as a tribute to Sanjaya's most famously bad hairstyle),the first winner of this dubious honor goes to Danny and Kris.

While their choice of song(Renegade by Styx)was an interesting selection,their balanced blandness did nothing to enhance our listening experience at all. Basically,those guys are as convincing as renegades as Bon Jovi is as believable as a cowboy who's wanted dead or alive:



The solo Sanjaya goes to Danny,for his attempt at Aerosmith's "Dream On". You gave it a good go there,buddy,but that last high note had me surprised that a man wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw wasn't coming up on stage after you:



A bad break for sisters Kisha and Jen on the Amazing Race this last leg;the girls had managed to make up the time lost due to being U Turned and were neck in neck with Jamie and Cara at the next to last challenge before reaching the Pit Stop.

It was one of the race's odd eating challenge(an assortment of bugs and deep fried starfish)which had Jen drinking way too much water,causing her to need a personal pit stop to a nearby bathroom.

Those few minutes cost them a spot in the Final Three,which leaves us with Tammy and Victor,Margie and Luke and the Annoying Redheads. I was really hoping that Jamie's impatient harping at the locals at every country would build up enough bad karma points to keep her and Cara out of the running,but they haven't been cashed in yet.

Sorry to see the sisters go,they did have some rough times but they were good sports about it(an example that Margie should be setting for her son there,seriously),even to the point of hoping that Tammy and Victor would win,despite those two giving them that last U Turn. Kudos,ladies:

Tonight,Bravo launches their new competition series,The Fashion Show,which gives fifteen designers a shot at launching their own line of clothing right out to retail,plus a cash prize of $125,000. Hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland,they will also be judging along with several other fashion industry folks.

If you're thinking"Hey,isn't this like Project Runway?",you're not too far off the mark there,friend. Project Runway will be finally shown on Lifetime this August after a lengthy court battle and this appears to be Bravo's replacement.

Hopefully,it will give us the same great entertainment value and fashion forwardness that it's Formerly Known As A Bravo Series predecessor did:


HELL'S KITCHEN: The Season Five Finale is tonight and I'm glad to see that Danny and Paula made it to the Final Two. The both of them are good chefs who managed to keep their heads down during most of the melodrama this season and either one of them deserves to win.

While they did get a bit nervous during their runs at the pass,Andrea was totally obnoxious and overbearing,two things you do NOT want in a boss. She really crossed the line with Chef Scott,who came this close to knocking her out(and I don't blame him):

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