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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A disappointing A.I. finale,giddy for Glee and Janet sets off some sparks on Rescue Me

Well,we all know who won American Idol-congrats to Kris Allen-and I'm sure that I am not the only one feeling a tad let down there. Adam will have a great career due to all of the exposure he got out of this(most of the success stories about American Idol contestants are from those who didn't make it to the finale)but it would've been nice to see someone who truly deserved to win,WIN.

On the bright side,at least Adam isn't stuck with singing that maudlin finale song for months on end(Kara,for all of her boasts about her musical prowess and bizarre need to upstage Bikini Girl,is no Carole King)and there's always next year. Thank you,Adam,for giving us something to talk about this season and looking forward to hearing more from you in the future:




After the A.I. performance show on Tuesday,the pilot episode for the much touted musical drama Glee aired on Fox. The show is a Ryan Murphy creation(Nip/Tuck,Popular)so this is not High School Musical,more like Freaks and Geeks with a few song and dance routines tossed in with the snark.

The center of the plot swirls around the misfits of McKinley High's Glee Choir and their determined new mentor,Spanish teacher Will Schuester,who wants to bring the club back to it's former glory days. That road is definitely going to be a rocky one,with Will's materialistic wife(Jessalyn Gilsig,aka Claire's birth mom on Heroes)and the cold hearted cheerleader coach(Jane Lynch)in his way.

Amongst the Glee club's allies are quirky guidance counselor Emma(Jayma Mays),talented but overly ambitious Rachel Berry(Lea Michele) and reluctant star quarterback Finn(Cory Monteith). It's too bad that Fox wants to make us wait until the fall to see more of Glee;it certainly would make a great summer series. With any luck,the wait will be worth our while:

Rescue Me has had plenty of serious overtones lately,with various characters going over their memories of 9/11 due to a French journalist's research interviews for a book on the subject. That hasn't totally killed off the comedy portions of the show,however.

This week,Tommy and his ex-wife Janet went to visit their daughter Katie,who is attending a snooty boarding school in Connecticut and making up a yuppified past for her family. Janet lectured him about not messing things up for Katie but she turned out to be the one who let her freak flag fly.

While attending dinner with a few of the parents of Katie's classmates,Janet was verbally assaulted by the clearly jealous and smug wives at the table,which lead to her drinking more than she should and showing those bitches what a real tongue lashing feels like. Good on her and glad to see Tommy not be the bad guy in a social situation for once(also kudos to him for the backup he gave her there):


LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: The season finale is upon us this weekend(no mistakes about that this time from me)and it looks bad for Kahlan,as she falls into Darken Rahl's clutches. On the other hand,Rahl is very sinister sexy(yes,I'm bad)so this might not be the worst that can happen here:

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