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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Idol's Top Two contenders,TAR's winners and The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency wraps up it's first season

This year's American Idol finalists have now been chosen and the finale should be rather entertaining there. Congrats to Adam and Kris for being the big boys at the showdown this season.

Frankly,I was surprised that Danny was the one sent home. He's not been my favorite(neither has Kris but I get his appeal somewhat)but the guy is a very talented singer. His major drawback is that he just doesn't have the charisma and striking vocal skills that Adam possesses in abundance-one listen to Danny's attempt at Aerosmith and Adam's rendition of "Cryin'" clearly shows that up.

And,yes,I definitely want Adam to win. The guy is amazingly talented and daring on stage,not to mention one of the few contestants I've ever seen on this show who is that ready for a major musical career to begin. It's like one of the old school movie cliches where the understudy gets a chance to take over the lead of the play and is instantly a superstar. Adam is superstar material,folks.

No more Sanjaya awards from me-instead,here's a brief tribute to Adam Lambert that includes a special song that his fans should be using to root for him next week:




Congratulations are also in order for Tammy and Victor,the winners of The Amazing Race's Season 14. It was pretty much down to the wire in Hawaii,with the teams working side by side on those last couple of challenges.

The memory challenge is usually the one that makes or breaks a team towards the end and it did the charm here. Luke was going full steam ahead on that one but got flustered on the last couple of surfboards and while Jamie was nice enough to give him an assist,it was too late for both teams.

While Tammy and Victor haven't always been on their best behavior,they did improve their teamwork with each other so I'm happy for them. Luke and Margie were good racers as well,despite their issues on the road,and maybe Jamie will learn to be more courteous to cab drivers in the future. Good going,Tammy and Victor and best wishes to you both:

The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency finished up it's first season on HBO last Sunday and it was an excellent run,in my humble opinion. From the great cast to the lively story telling style with it's finely blended mix of humor and heartbreak and the visual delights of Botswana,every episode made you feel as if you had stepped right into one of the books it was based upon.

There will be another round of No.1 Ladies' and while I'm most anxious to see the new season of True Blood,the fine folks of Gaborone will be also be missed. Many of us will keep a warm pot of bush tea available for the second season:





TRUE BLOOD: Speaking of that sexy hot mess of goodness,Season Two starts on Sunday June 14. It's been hard waiting for more but some things are well worth the pain:

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