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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Legend of the Seeker finale,plus a look at some sweet new summer series

Legend of the Seeker wrapped up it's first season and props must be given to the writers of this episode for putting in several bits of business in(time travel,an evil male Confessor destroying the Midlands,an unlikely alliance between Richard and Mistress Cara-that man has a weakness for Mord Sith chicks,seriously!-and Kahlan trying to send Richard help thru time via a horrible compromise)that most other shows would stretch over an entire season and keeping it short and sweet.

The time travel plot point allowed Richard and Kahlan a chance to act on their own without their usual allies,quite the challenge. It was a great opportunity for both characters to rely on their strengths and show how much they've grown on their journey.

They passed with flying colors(a few points off of Kahlan's score,since she relied a little too much on the power of good rather than setting down a more solid plan of action)and their love was increased tenfold.

LOTS will have a second season(no word yet on when it will start)and I can hardly wait for that to begin. Too bad about Darken Rahl,he was a rather nasty villain and deliciously evil to boot but on the bright side,how many times do you get to see the bad guy vanquished twice?(spoiler-sorry!). If you haven't seen this show,there's plenty of time to catch up,thanks to Hulu and repeats on your local syndicated station. Follow the adventure,it's worth the trip!:


With the regular season winding down,it's time to start looking to summer TV programming. To get the ball rolling,let us look at three new foodie focused shows that should add some much needed seasoning to your viewing menu.

First up is Top Chef Masters,courtesy of Bravo. This cooking competition is hosted by Kelly Choi and will have both Quickfire and Elimination rounds that Top Chef is known for.

The catch is that the contenders are master chefs in the field who will be going head to head with one another in order to win $100,000 for their favorite charity. Some of these chefs have been guest judges for TC in the past and it'll be interesting to see how they do under similar pressure(June 10):

A new season of The Next Food Network Star starts up on June 7, with Bobby Flay strutting his stuff as head judge and host again. This is only my second time checking this one out but this race to see who can be a shiny new culinary celeb does have just as much spice at times as TC,with a smaller dose of drama tossed in to keep the flavors on track:

TLC is launching a new reality series called Cake Boss,which follows the trials and tasty tribulations of Buddy Valastro who runs a family owned bakery in Hoboken,NJ. I've seen Buddy on several Food Network Challenges and the man knows how to make amazingly elaborate cakes. Watching him manage both his business and his family could be very entertaining indeed( Mondays at 10):




MANEATER: Lifetime takes a page out of USA Network's playbook and adapts another Gigi Levangie Grazer novel,with this one being about a Hollywood honey who wants to orchestrate a relationship that will lead straight to marriage with a well to do man. Sarah Chalke is the leading lady here and seems rather charming in the part,so this may be a fun little weekend miniseries fling:

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