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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The MTV Movie Awards and some TV theme songs to tide you over the end of season slump

The MTV Movie Awards were the highlight of the weekend,with plenty of amusing bits by host Andy Samberg and various on and off stage stunts that gathered coverage across all media lines.

The debate over whether or not that Bruno/Eminem encounter was staged(I think it was planned,but that Slim Shady wasn't in on the joke. I know the guy's been in movies but he's not a good enough actor to fake such a reaction,in my opinion)has been pretty much chewed over enough for now.

Twilight cleaned up on a lot of the categories and fans were also treated to the first trailer for New Moon,right after watching Samberg and crew serve them up a saucy slice of spoofery:



To me,the best parody moment was Samberg's musical tribute to a great action movie cliche,"Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions",with Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond and a surprise keyboard cameo:

Since we're experiencing some lag time between the end of the regular TV season and the start of the summer shows,I thought it would be fun to take a look at some TV theme song favorites of mine. It's been awhile since we had a good intro tune hit the airwaves along with the pop culture and the time has come for us to embrace these little ditties yet again.

The folks at TV Land know this,judging by the theme song Sid and Marty Kroft tribute performed at their last awards show,with Cyndi Lauper rocking the Electra Woman and Dyna Girl(her costume was beyond awesome):

Another offbeat show theme is the one for Small Wonder,that silly syndicated sitcom about a family trying to raise a robot daughter right(no,not kidding,folks. This was a real show). It's kind of cute,in a creepy fifties sci-fi way:

More syndicated sci-fi silliness arrived for the teen market in the 1990s with Out of This World,sort of a Starman meets Sabrina,the Teenage Witch. The theme song is a reworking of "Would You Like To Swing On A Star" that is alarmingly catchy:

Out of the many family themed sitcoms in the eighties,Family Ties was always a regular mainstay on my TV menu and it's theme song"What Will We Do,Baby?" still holds up well on it's own:

Last but not least is Gilmore Girls,with one of best theme songs ever made for a full hour show. While wordless theme music is becoming the norm these days and can be very coolly effective,a sweet set of lyrics goes with everything(sort of like a little black dress or crackers with soup):


TRUE BLOOD: June 14 is coming slowly but surely for those of us practically panting for season two. This latest promo is guaranteed to whet your appetite for more bloodsucking goodness(and badness as well):

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