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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Open Letter of Support to Susan Boyle

Dear Ms. Boyle,

First off,a very heartfelt congratulations to you on your performances for Britain's Got Talent-as an American,I don't get to watch this show but based on the clips that I've seen on the internet,it's a shame that it took so long for talent like yours to be noticed and appreciated.

I am sorry that you didn't win the competition,as clearly you were the best and a favorite amongst the fans(many of us across the pond here feel the same way about Adam Lambert,someone I think you have a lot in common with). However, please don't feel as if you need to reexamine your performance at the finale;you were wonderful and have nothing to regret on that score:

I have heard about your recent hospitalization and wish you the best of health as soon as can be. This has been a rather hectic time for you and most of the media attention that's been coming your way hasn't been very positive. That says more about them than it does about you,Ms. Boyle,and I hope that not only do you get the rest and relaxation you deserve,but that you regain your emotional strength as well.

Many of us out here are rooting for you,Ms. Boyle. A lot of us have wanted to take a chance and strut our stuff upon whatever stage it's meant for,but felt that we wouldn't be taken seriously or be accepted,for reasons real or imagined. When someone like you goes for their dream, it brings the rest of us on the sidelines a drop of hope that we can do it,too.

On a personal note,I'm pursuing an artistic dream of my own and while it's still an uphill struggle,one of my inspirations to keep up with it is seeing and listening to you use your marvelous voice so well,even as you had a slow start with Memory. Your rendition was lovely and nothing to be ashamed of. Those who were eager to pick that performance apart are those who have little to show for in the talent department themselves(yes,I mean you,Lily Allen,you Twitter twit!) Pardon my outburst,Ms.Boyle,it's only because I identify with you so strongly.

Please don't feel pressured to live up to the expectations of your admirers or be overwhelmed by the naysayers. What's important is that you do what is right for you regarding any sort of singing career. Fame and fortune can give a person plenty of things,but it doesn't buy happiness or personal satisfaction.

I just wanted to let you know that there are folks on both sides of the Atlantic who want the best for you,whatever that may be. We're on your side,Ms. Boyle,and perhaps the perfect way to tell you this is thru song. Music is the coin of your realm and can truly get the message across more succinctly than I can:




Take care,Ms. Boyle and to paraphrase both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston,I wish you joy and happiness,but above all things,I wish you love and kindness from your family and friends.


Lady T and your fellow music lovers

P.S.: Beauty is as beauty does. Inner lasts longer than the outer and makes for a better person,as many folks are starting to see:

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