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Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Dozen Parodies

Already out in theaters,Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince should do very well in the box office race this weekend,even if the 3D IMAX version won't be available until July 29(I think those IMAX theaters have been rather overbooked this summer).

For those of us who just want to see the movie,regardless of gimmicks,this has been a long delayed pleasure,due to the original release date being changed in order not to go head to head with the Twilight fans.

That was so silly;hey,studio guys,some of us like both series and would go to both movies even if they were out at the same time! Please keep that in mind,as the rest of the Twilight saga and the finale of HP(which will be divided into two films,Kill Bill style)are set to hit the multiplexes in the foreseeable future.

In honor of the new HP movie,we here at LRG have put together a set of six Harry Potter parodies for your viewing pleasure and general amusement. Like the old wedding expression goes,some are old,some are new,all are borrowed but none of them should make you feel blue.

First up is a new offering from our old friends at Potter Puppet Pals called "Ron's Disease". It was originally uploaded this past spring,before the news of actor Rupert Grint's bout with swine flu became public knowledge. That extra bit of irony gives this clip that special touch that means so much,plus Hagrid finally gets his PPP debut:

Hogwarts has a number of magical protections,but not even they are safe from the mockery of Rifftrax. In this bit from HP3,the former members of MST3K sing along with the choir and add their own lyrics to the murky melody:

In keeping with the musical beat that we have going here,let's have a listen to a snide song from the wizard rock band Draco and the Malfoys. Since Draco has a vital role in the latest chapter of the Potter saga(along with Snape),this rendition of "Potions Yesterday" seems fitting indeed.

This is a fan made video,with clips from the earlier HP movies,and I think it does the band,the books and the films justice,something that would irritate Draco and Snape themselves if they knew about it,no doubt. Too bad,gents,there's nothing you can do,magically or otherwise:

One of my favorite contenders for the MTV Make Your Own Movie Parody contest was this humorous hybrid of Superbad and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Draco has a pivotal part here as well,with his McWizarding self:

With the ultimate wizard showdown yet to come,it would be wise to look at another battlefield where supernatural forces are waging war for supremacy. I speak of course about the legendary Harry Potter Vs. Twilight fan fights,which were brilliantly showcased in satire by the these two charming young ladies who dared to bring both sides together for a much needed laugh(the conclusion to their epic struggle is just as amusingly compelling):

Last but not least,Just Some Random Guy and his merry crew of Marvel/DC players have been entertaining themselves during this drought of summer superhero flicks by making sport of the current crop of blockbusters and it was Harry's turn this week. Good fun had by all(depending on your point of view),so have a Happy Hogwarts weekend,everyone!:

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