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Friday, October 30, 2009

Celebrate this Halloween in costume party style

Tonight is the night before Halloween and while many of us are frightened enough as it is by the evening news,there's something even scarier going on that threatens to make not only this but future All Hallow's Eve celebrations a watered down Brady Bunch version of it's former self.

Many school districts are insisting upon kids dressing up in what they consider "appropiate" costumes on Halloween,such as food items and animals and forbidden to have accessories like fake nails or even allowed to be scary! What kind of a world are we living in where a kid can't be a vampire or a nice ax murderer for their school's Halloween parade,honestly?

Don't get me wrong,folks-I understand the need to maintain order in the classroom and not incur any lawsuits from Little Timmy's overzealous use of his ninja sword on the playground.

However,Halloween is meant to be a time to get a bit weird and wild,particularly in the costume choice department. After all,that's what makes a Halloween costume party worth going to,to check out what your friends and neighbors decided to become for one night only. It's a time honored tradition and cool costumes are a part of that.

Speaking of costume parties,let's look at a few pop culture reasons why we need to exercise our freedom of costume choice:

After a long round of trick or treating,kids are in need of an excuse to keep their costumes on,plus blow off more of that sugar fueled energy built up during the day. As for the fear factor,there are more things to be scared of than another youngster's blood dripping Scream mask,like bobbing for apples too close for comfort with a dog or missing out on all of the fun,thanks to the Great Pumpkin:

GOOD GHOULISH FUN FOR GROWNUPS: Some folks never lose that childhood spirit of Halloween fun and having kids only gives them more of an excuse to dress up on October 31. Even with the young ones out of the picture,the adults are capable of scaring each other at a social gathering without resorting to masks and makeup. Showing up in the same outfit as someone else and running into an old romantic partner is way more terrifying:

STRETCHING YOUR CREATIVE BOUNDARIES: You don't have to hold a costume party on Halloween,you can have one any time for any reason. What makes a non Halloween costume get-together more of a creative challenge is giving it a theme,like your favorite personal heroes or as a tribute to a pop culture icon. Just be sure to do more than slap on a wig and a nametag or no one will blame your date for leaving you at the door:

Another advantage of costume balls is the ability for superheroes to keep their secret identity safe while seeking out evil doers in public. Unfortunately,it also gives the bad guys the same opportunity and lookalike foes extra sneaky stealth points:

Perhaps some of this hysteria about children's costumes will fade away over time and allow both kids and adults the chance to attend Halloween celebrations without fear of social reprisal again. Just remember,you Halloween hall monitors out there,if you don't let the kids get it out of their systems now,they'll grow up with a burning desire to freak you out and may do something even worse than you could imagine,like revive the boy band craze! Happy Halloween to everyone else:

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