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Monday, November 30, 2009

Open Letter to potential reality show contestants seeking a publicity stunt to pull

Dear Attention Seekers,

With the economy being in such a downward spiral these days,it's not surprising that more and more of you want to get a better chance at grabbing the brass ring by becoming a reality show star.

Even when things were doing well,achieving fame from making a memorable impression on an audition for a televised competition or being the most obnoxious contender for whatever top prize was at stake brought plenty of folks an instant shot at those precious fifteen minutes and some of them made a nice chunk of change into the bargain.

As is the way with many fads on the pop culture scene,there comes a point when things are going too far and needless risks are being taken in order to get ahead of someone else waiting in line. Well,gang,that time has come and with it,a serious need to reassess your priorities.

High on the list of questions on whether or not you should pursue this road to reality show fame is "Is this worth risking the safety of one of my family members for?" and if your answer to that is yes,I wouldn't want to be related to you. It's bad enough to make money off of the pain and suffering of others and a thousand times worse to do so using the trust and love of someone who is supposed to be the nearest and dearest to you:

No doubt some of you are saying "but that Balloon Boy deal was just a hoax,the kid wasn't in any real danger at all!"-physical danger,true,but the emotional scars that child will have to bear by being forced into the spotlight and made to lie about that incident on national television by his scheming parents are just as damaging. Not to mention highly insensitive to those families who have lost their children due to terrible accidents or worse,had them become faces on milk cartons. Swallow that bitter little pill,if you will.

If that weren't bad enough,now we have these State Dinner Crashers to reckon with. Sneaking into a White House event as a way to become the next Real Housewife of D.C. is not a cute idea or a smart thing to brag about on your Facebook page. Showcasing just how easy it is for anyone to get past security and be in reach of the President of the United States of America(and the Prime Minister of India as well)only encourages would be assassins to ramp up their plots against him.

Don't try to talk me out of my concerns by pointing out that the Real Airheads of D.C. went thru metal detectors and had no intentions of hurting anybody. For one thing,that's not the point and secondly,there are all kinds of ways and means to bring weapons in undetected or have them placed in convenient spots to be found at the right time-didn't any of you see The Godfather or In the Line of Fire? If Hollywood can dream up plausible scenarios for the worst to happen,so can the actual bad guys:

Sorry if that sounds harsh,but I think that it's time for a slap in the face of sorts to wake up from these fever dreams of fame seeking at any cost. Reality TV is a mixed bag of quality and content,which we can all debate until the cows come home but there's a world of difference between metaphorically throwing someone under the bus and literally doing so.

To me,the better reality shows are the ones that allow people a chance to use their talents such as singing,dancing or cooking in order to get that big break in their profession they've working towards for years.

Shows that highlight the lives of well to do do-nothings or how "delightfully eccentric" your family is are a waste of time and energy that could be given to those more deserving of a media spotlight. I'm not trying to climb up on a high horse here(The Rachel Zoe Project is a guilty pleasure of mine,but even that show involves some level of professionalism)but take into consideration what you're trying to accomplish by getting on reality TV in the first place.

Are you looking at this as a stepping stone to achieve your own personal quest in life or as a golden ticket to easy riches? Either way,you should think about the harm that might be done to those folks you want to climb over and step on as you make your way up the ladder to celebrity status. Crushing the so-called "little people" might help you get where you want to go faster but leaves a set of bloody footprints behind that only lead nowhere when you need someone to support you when the chips are down:

No one's life or emotional well being is worth destroying for a moment in the sun on a reality show and neither is making a elected official more of a target for evil doers to take down. Think before you act,that's not too much to ask of anyone.


Lady T and those of us in the viewing audience about to change the channel

P.S. If that isn't enough to convince of the folly of your ways,just take a listen to this swan song and hope that one day,others will not see it as a fitting tribute to the person you have become:

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Ladytink_534 said...

We may be technically "safer" today but the people of the past were better citizens for the most part. I agree with you, reality TV competitions are entertaining actually worthwhile but I refuse to watch the rest of that mind rotting garbage.