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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A pop culture search for the meaning of Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving eve,I'd like to talk about how the true meaning of the holiday has been reflected in pop culture over the years. While it's been a concern of mine that Turkey Day has been given short shift lately,due to the mad consumer rush towards Christmas and other winter holidays that require gift giving,this year seems to be a turning of the tide in that sad spiral. Perhaps it's a sign of the times but if there's to be a silver thread of lining amongst those dark clouds hovering us over these days,a return to appreciating this day of national appreciation is worth grabbing ahold of.

For decades,the traditional tale of Thanksgiving was centered around the quaint notion of the Pilgrims and Native Americans joining together to share the bounty of their harvest and to celebrate surviving in such rough terrain. The sentiments were well meant and added some wholesome flavor to the holiday feast:

Over time,historians reveal more of the harsher truths about those early days and while that was a good and necessary development,many folks felt that dose of reality soured the Thanksgiving proceedings forever and vowed to disown it:

This newfound contempt for the holiday was fuel for many a fire on the battlefield between generations,as that one contrary member of the family tended to take the stance that Thanksgiving was yet another symbol of adult hypocrisy.

Granted,most family get-togethers bring out the worst as well as the best in people but the extra tang of socially aware angst left a rather unpleasant aftertaste.

Most of the time,however,that attitude faded away with some understanding served up with great tasting stuffing:

Eventually,the traditional meaning of the day made peace with the acknowledged truth of it's origins and people could once again take the time to enjoy Thanksgiving as it was meant to be. The inevitable emotional turmoil that crops with such a family focused celebration is still a holiday hazard but one which is lessened by giving props to the reality of how Thanksgiving lore all started:

While Thanksgiving has had it's share of ups and downs with the changing times,one thing has firmly remained-the bond of family. Whether connected by blood,love or friendship,renewing those emotional ties is more than enough reason to keep this tradition alive and well.

Of course each generation has to decide for themselves how they want to commemorate this annual event and what individual mark to make on the day. As we at LRG sign off until next week(don't worry,we'll be back on Monday with more pop culture musings to share),please accept our best wishes to you and yours on this Thanksgiving. Have a happy one and keep those leftovers fresh,whether they're charmingly savory or just a sweet slice of revenge:

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