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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some prime Oscar bait set out for your consideration

The Academy Awards for 2010 are set for March 7,but the buzz is still growing strong for many of the films being released this fall. The pace for the Oscar race has always been fast and furious,especially for movies put at the back of the pack due to not being major fall releases.

It's no secret that many of the nominees in major categories are chosen from those flicks that make their on screen presence just before or during the holiday season and the race for Best Picture will be even more fierce now that the number of movies up for that big honor has been extended from five to ten.

With that in mind,let's take a gander at some up and coming contenders for this season that will be battling it out at the box office as well as for those Academy votes and see how they stack up:


This movie is getting some serious talk,with plenty of praise from the film festival circuit following it to theaters this Friday. Not only does the chance of Mo'Nique getting a Best Supporting Actress nom for her portrayal of the abusive mother of the title character,a barely literate teenager pregnant with her second child(played by Gabourey Sidibe,who has "break out star" written all over her)seem to be a safe bet,but just about everyone connected to this film appears to have a real shot at Oscar gold.

Precious is based on the novel Push by Sapphire,a book that's had a strong following for years and judging from what's been said and shown,the movie does more than justice to the harrowing realism that readers have experienced from the story. Literary adaptations are like catnip to Academy voters,so Precious will be become very valuable viewing, indeed:


Another highly anticipated book to screen adaptation,The Lovely Bones also has the added cache of a director like Peter Jackson,one of the few behind the scenes folks in Hollywood who can make your eyes pop from all of the dazzling F/X and at the same time,bring true emotional depth to characters in even the most fantastical of settings.

The actors will have a shot at being up for the awards,particularly leading lady Saoirse Ronan,who made a big enough splash in Atonement to get a Best Supporting Actress slot last year and may make the big leagues again. However,it's a tussle for technical vs. artistic consideration here and with Jackson on board,both ends of the spectrum may be well represented:


This seems to be a real showpiece for Sandra Bullock,who's making her Erin Brockovich bid for Best Actress with this based on a true story flick about a homeless young man being taken in by a kindly suburban family that helps him be the best that he can be,on and off the football field.

I like Sandra Bullock,always have, and if The Blind Side can give her a way out of the cinematic purgatory that movies like The Proposal, All About Steve and Premonition have put her in lately,more power to Sandy,I say:


Costume dramas make Academy votes drool on command and British actresses playing renowned English queens can cause a few of them to faint with delight. All of that gives Emily Blunt a running start for a Best Actress spot for The Young Victoria,where the lady who ruled along side her Prince Albert gets her early days examined for the movie going masses.

It also helps that she's surrounded by a respectable cast of classic Brits such as Jim Broadbent,Miranda Richardson and Paul Bettany and don't be surprised if Rupert Friend gets a Best Supporting Actor nod as Victoria's beloved spouse and soul mate. Seeing a true power couple in love on screen will definitely melt some of those cynical hearts in Celebrity Land:


The only real obstacle I can see for this movie,nomination wise,is confusion as to which number nine is up for the technical awards-with District 9 and the stop motion animated #9,things could get a bit tangled there.

Otherwise,this should be smooth sailing-Rob Marshall is still well remembered for bringing that Broadway baby Chicago to life on the silver screen and having the likes of Daniel Day-Lewis and Nicole Kidman,plus Penelope Cruz, Judy Dench and the legendary Sophia Loren,in the cast is pretty much a guarantee that you could bring to the bank(one that's still solvent,that is):

Best of luck to all of these films,come Oscar time,and if I'm wrong about my predictions,I hope those not up for the gold will not pull a Faith Hill at the CMAs or,heaven forbid,a Kayne West of any sort.

While it may get you some much needed extra exposure from the tabloid media,such tantrums are just not worth it. Holding on to your dignity after such a professional disappointment is what separates the true performers from the fame seeking hacks. The real winners should be the audiences,who get to see the best of what the art of cinema can offer:

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Ladytink_534 said...

Yeah, I would be shocked if Precious doesn't get at least one Oscar win. Wow! That's the first time I've seen the trailer for Lovely Bones. It looks like an amazing movie. I have high hopes for The Blind Side as well. The Young Victoria looks very beautiful and I'm curious about Nine because of the star power behind it mainly.