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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Top Chef Reunion Dinner blues,V invades the airwaves and the Poker Girls fold their hand on TAR

Our regular season of Top Chef was put on pause as a reunion dinner of past TC players was held instead. Season 5 fan favorite Fabio was the host and the guest list included other faves from the past such as Harold and Tiffani from S1,Carla and Stefan from S5,Casey,Dale and Hung(S3),plus Lisa and Richard from S4.

The infamous TC knife block was hauled out and used to decide which set of chefs would be making which course of the meal(that they cooked themselves). It wasn't really a challenge,more like an excuse to have everyone back in the kitchen again. The food looked great and there were no complaints in that department.

Two of the most anticipated guests were Marcel and Ilan from Season Two and I have to say it was good to see both of them get along. While Marcel admitted they would never be "BFFs",he still considers Ilan to be a "culinary brother from another mother." Also,Carla got the chance to let Casey know that there were no hard feelings about her input during that next to last Elimination challenge that many felt took Carla out of the running for the Season 5 win:

Fabio was a decent host,but I really felt that he kept pushing Marcel too much about the head shaving incident that still has a nasty aftertaste clinging to it. While Fabio had a point about if you didn't want to talk about that,don't go on the show but Marcel has every right not to go over that again on air or off,if he doesn't want to. That's how I feel about it,anyway.

Next week,Season Six gets back on board as Padma and Nigella Lawson ask for breakfast in bed from the remaining chefs. Looks like some of them are really not morning people:

The remake of the sci-fi miniseries V debuted this week,this time as a regular TV series. The basic premise is the same;the world is shocked and in awe as several giant spaceships surround major cities,bearing rather attractive and human looking aliens who promise "We are of peace...always."

Naturally some folks are not that trusting of these Visitors in their fancy Trojan horse vehicles handing out miracle cures and friendly smiles,so a resistance movement is quickly underway. While I'm not so sure that this updated version of V will top the old school one,the show is off to a good start. Head Visitor and sexy spokeswoman Anna(Morena Baccarin) does have a nice Jane Badler vibe about her,which helps a lot:

It was a harrowing stretch towards the end of this last leg of The Amazing Race,as Brian and Ericka got a slow start from a Roadblock that involved counting bells in an old tower and Poker Girls Maria and Tiffany went back and forth between the two Detour challenges.

At one point,it looked like Brian and Ericka were on their way out as they forgot to use bicycles to get from one location to another(as per instructions)and had to take a 30 minute penalty at the Pit Stop for that.

Fortunately for them,the Poker Girls had trouble no matter which Detour they chose. Neither of them could ring the bell before the dance challenge and their golf skills were sub par at best.

Phil actually had to go out to them on the golf course to accept their withdrawal from the race,something I haven't seen him do since that hay rolling Roadblock a couple of seasons back. Ironically enough,that bit is coming up on the next leg of the race as a blast from the past-good luck,gang,you're gonna need it!:


-If you haven't seen Kathy's latest stand up special,don't despair,folks. It'll be repeated like crazy over the weekend,even with the Bravo S&P department going nuts over clearance for her comments about the likes of Oprah,Barbara Walters and Britney Spears(as well as the Kayne West/Taylor Swift incident):

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