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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Heroes double feature,an old frenemy returns to LOTS and Launch My Line goes Gaga

Usually,Launch My Line is not a must-see show for me-just find it less than compelling to watch business people attempt to make their own special brand of designer clothes-but their special guest this week was the fabulous Lady Gaga,so I had to tune in.

Her bit was very brief;the theme for this challenge was to make a "wild card" outfit,using sunglasses(a Lady Gaga trademark)as the inspiration. Lady Gaga popped into the workroom,chatted for a few minutes and then was asked to select a fabric swatch for the teams to add into their design. Naturally,she chose the most modest piece of material available:

Not sure if I'll tune in again but the dress that won definitely looked like something Lady Gaga would wear(she wasn't involved in the judging). It was a glittery disco number that used the red vinyl well,as trim for the skirt,and since the guy whose future line it was made for is a DJ,it was both chic and sensible.

Heroes started off the new year with two back-to-back episodes,that showcased more of the hijinks at the Sullivan Brothers' carnival as well as Hiro's new set of adventures due to the mind scramble he received from Samuel's psychic henchmen. He teleported back to Japan,seeking a way to communicate with everyone but it all comes out in pop culture geek speak. Confusing to be sure,but not for those already in the know:

Meanwhile,Claire's suspicions about Samuel's big plans seem to be allayed for the moment but I have a pretty good idea of what his ultimate goal is. Remember Lex Luthor's plot in the original Superman movie,where he send a couple of missiles to California's fault lines in order to sink that whole state and make a tidy fortune from the worthless property he had bought up around it? Well,with all of his talk about creating a "homeland" for his kind and that map of Death Valley,Samuel seems to be heading in that direction,folks.

It also explains why he wanted Emma to help him find that plant growing fellow with her new found musical powers,plus having someone who can manipulate sound waves on your side is sure to come in handy. All of the pieces of the puzzle are not in place just yet but the bigger picture is almost in sight,I'm sure of it:

Legend of the Seeker returns this weekend,bringing along a rather frightening and familiar face back from the past. Denna,the ultimate Mord Sith,reappears to give Richard some real trouble as she makes an attempt to take over the Midlands,which have been in chaos for awhile now due to Darken Rahl's demise and his netherworld alliance that is waging unholy warfare on the living.

She's wearing white leather at one point but I seriously doubt that means Denna's on the side of the angels. This should be an episode full of furious female throwdowns,especially between Denna and her former Sister of the Agiel Cara,who has her own dark devotions to the Seeker. Richard certainly can't catch a break when it comes to love:


TRUE BLOOD ON DVD:One of my favorite gifts this past holiday season was Season One of this show on DVD and worth every penny there. The extras include a number of the early True Blood ads,with a French commercial for the title beverage that really needs no translation for it's sexy message:

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Ladytink_534 said...

Launch My Line doesn't seem like something I would like but I may just watch that Lady Gaga episode. She's so neat.

Oh I just realized I haven't seen the extras on the True Blood dvd. I might have to do that tonight.