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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Runway back in town,more AI antics and Denna meets her fate on LOTS

The seventh season of Project Runway started off right,with everyone returning to NYC and making it work. The batch of designers for this new chapter of couture competition are a much more lively group than last time,with the usual mix of young hopefuls,budding divas(Anthony and Seth Aaron,I'm watching you two!)and those offbeat artistic types who will either dazzle us or cause our heads to shake in wonder that someone dared to put an outfit like this together for someone to actually want to wear.

Too many contenders at this point to pick and chose from,yet I do like Emilio Sosa's work so far. The dress he created for the opening challenge(the theme was "express yourself as a designer")was beautifully done and displayed a gorgeous use of color and pattern.

He also seems like a pretty nice guy who's confident in his skills,even with a tight deadline and several other folks along side that are more than willing to give him a run for the prize money. Good luck,Emilio and congrats on winning the first challenge:

Tonight's challenge should be interesting as the designers take a field trip to a farm and are handed potato sacks to work with. If these guys and gals really know their stuff,hopefully their designs won't leave any of the models hanging out in all the wrong places:

Legend of the Seeker wasn't quite finished with bad girl Denna as she popped up on the latest episode to kidnap Zedd and use her charmingly cruel Mordsith techniques to enslave him to her will.

Not as easy as it sounds,since that particular Wizard of the First Order is a extra hard nut to crack,and towards the end of their time together,he was starting to get through to Denna about the possibility for her to change her wicked ways. Too bad Richard wasn't on hand for that but he's got his own scary subplot to deal with for now.

You almost felt sorry for her as Kara's death blow caused her to go over the edge of the cliff(that shot reminded me of that infamous Jodhi May moment in Last of the Mochians)but with all of the coming back from the dead business going on this season,this may not be the last we see of her.

Kara and Kahlan will certainly be more than ready if that happens-those two have really become a fighting force to be reckoned with. Fare thee well,Denna,for now:

Those wacky auditions for American Idol continued this week,going to Chicago and Orlando. First up for the best of the worst is Brian making his singing debut for the judges in Chi-town,who paid tribute to a pop culture icon in his audition. Unfortunately for him and us,Tiny Tim was his musical muse:

In Orlando,we met Theo Glinton,a hair stylist who certainly has plenty of showmanship but a voice loud enough to wake the dead and half the living in the state of Florida alone. You got to give him points for creativity with his outfit and makeup;maybe Lady Gaga could use him as a wardrobe consultant on her tour. They certainly share an affinity for elaborate eye wear:


MASTERPIECE CLASSIC: Starting this upcoming Sunday is a new Jane Austen miniseries based on Emma,starring Romola Garai as the matchmaking Miss Woodhouse with Jonny Lee Miller playing her Mr. Knightley.

Other notable cast members include Jodhi May as Miss Taylor/Mrs.Weston,Michael Gambon taking a break from his Dumbledore duties to be the overcautious yet caring Mr. Woodhouse and Blake Ritson,who was in the most recent version of Mansfield Park and is Mr. Elton here. This is a three parter,folks,so mark your calendars and DVRs in order not to miss a marvelous minute:

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