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Thursday, January 14, 2010

That Heroes sense of humor,Vampire Diaries preview and American Idol gets the show on the road again

Heroes is in full throttle with it's main drama involving the Sullivan Brothers circus as Noah Bennett recruits a reluctant Matt into helping him track down Samuel's childhood sweetheart Vanessa(who winds up kidnapped,good going there guys!).

Also, Peter gets drawn into the fray slowly,thanks to borrowing his mom's dreamscape powers and seeing his new gal pal Emma doomed to using her recently discovered siren song gift for evil purposes,plus a meet-up with Sylar. That last part would be more than fine with me but then again,most ladies who run into Sylar don't come out of that experience in one piece.

One constant element that you can rely on with this series is the comic relief offered up by the team of Hiro and Ando,who embarked on a rescue mission to free Dr. Suresh from the mental ward that Hiro stuck him in several weeks ago in order to fool Samuel(sounds like a Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn caper,doesn't it?)for awhile.

Say what you will about Heroes,you can't deny the excellent comic tuning of those two best friends,especially Ando. That's one guy who defines the meaning of "taking one for the team":

The Vampire Diaries was set to return tonight but the next new episode will be airing next Thursday instead. It should be worth the wait,with Whedonverse alumna Gina Torres putting in a guest spot as a bartender who know Damon all too well.

Other upcoming events on the show include a 1950's sock hop themed school dance that will lead to some sort of trouble,both romantic and mystical wise. While the general tone of the series does take it's mix of teen angst and vampire melodrama somewhat seriously,the story lines do seem to be given quite a bit of respect for the audience's attention span and TV savvy. That's always appreciated by viewers of all ages and part of the reason that the series has caught on with folks so well.

If you haven't watched The Vampire Diaries before,this is a good time to start. Think of it as Dawson's Creek with fangs,not hard to do since Kevin Williamson is one of the producers here:

American Idol kicked their ninth season off with everyone's favorite portion of the show,the audition rounds. Ellen won't be appearing until the Hollywood section but guest judges Victoria Beckam and Mary J Blige did nicely at the Boston and Atlanta stops.

Since we all love to see the best of the worst,here are a few of horrifying highlights from the road. Honorable mention must be given to Mere Doyle,aka Anime Girl,for presenting us with a fashion show before her less than stellar singing debut. Hon,I hope you have receipts from those vocal coaches you went to because they seriously ripped you off:

The Most Disturbing audition award goes to Andrew Fenlon,whose creepy Clark Kent vibes ticked Kara off(at least until she kept insisting that he needed a spanking-what is up with that?!) while his off putting rudeness even rubbed Simon the wrong way. I don't know if he intended to originally audition for AI or a crime show since he certainly would be a shoo-in as an UnSub on Criminal Minds,no question about it:

There's always an unexpected breakout star that hits the pop music scene with a vengeance despite not getting a Golden Ticket from his/her performance. In the tradition of Hung and the "I am your brother" dude,here is the next big YouTube sensation,ladies and gentlemen. I give you General Larry Platt and his unforgettable rendition of "Pants on the Ground"-your life will never be same afterward:


PROJECT RUNWAY: Season 7 returns to NYC,with Nina Garcia and Michael Kors back in regular rotation on the judges' panel. Thank the fashion gods for that,they were sorely missed last time and hopefully,the designers are truly "stacked,packed and ready to attack" everything that comes their way:

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