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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Don't forget to pick a few Golden Raspberries for your Oscar party mix

While many folks out in Hollywood are still basking in the glow from their Academy Awards nominations yesterday,a few of them will also have to take their lumps from yet another time honored industry dedicated to highlighting the best of the worst in cinema.

The Golden Raspberry Awards(known more or less affectionately as the Razzies)announced their top choices for worst achievement in film,which happen to include a couple of actors and films currently in contention for this year's Oscars as well. Since we here at LRG love a good bad movie with the best of them,let's take a look at some of the Razzie nominees for this film season:


Both Beyonce and Ali Larter received Worst Actress and Worst Supporting Actress nods for their double trouble performances in Obsessed,a movie that sadly I confess to having seen(at least it was a Netflix rental,not a wasted night out at the multiplex)and if this film was a plate of food,it would be sent back to the kitchen for extreme blandness in the story line sauce combined with worn out from reuse thriller cliches that are hard to swallow.

The big moment we're all supposed to be waiting for in this movie is the showdown between Larter's lovecrazed psycho chick and Beyonce's not-taking-any-guff housewife,which does have a couple of good girlfight bits but then Beyonce's character takes a serious turn for the stupid.

During the battle,Beyonce has the chance to either a)get out of the house and go for help or b)get a weapon before following the unwelcome crazy lady up to the shoddily floored attic. What does she do? Of course, it's c)go up after the wacko alone with no weapon and hope you just get lucky enough to trick her into falling to her doom! Beyonce,come on-you were one of the producers here,couldn't you get a rewrite of that scene,seriously?:


One of the biggest losers for this winner's circle is Land of the Lost,which is up for several Razzies,including Worst Remake,Rip-off or Sequel,Worst Screen Couple and a nice juicy nom for Will Ferrell as Worst Actor.

That's a tough race as he has to compete with all three of the Jonas brothers,not to mention one of the co-hosts of the Oscars this year Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy,plus John Travolta as well! I would wish Ferrell good luck but judging by some of the clips I've seen of his LOTL work,it looks as he has this one in the bag,or jug of dinosaur urine(pick your poison here,folks):


Sandra Bullock has been reaping the glory of The Blind Side's success and to her credit,is willing to eat some crow at the Razzies this year if she wins Worst Actressfor her clunker of a romcom,All About Steve.

That sad little less than fun fest was released between her hit summer flick The Proposal and The Blind Side,which garnered a few plum Academy Award noms. All About Steve was not successful with audiences and hated a tad more by critics who didn't think much of The Proposal either but it's a front runner at the Razzies.

In addition to Bullock's Worst Actress nom,the film also has a Worst Screen Couple,Worst Screenplay,Worst Director and Worst Picture shot at the Raspberry gold! Quite the achievement for a flick that sat on the shelf for two years before they decided to dust it off for a theatrical run:


As a celebration of sorts,The Razzies are having a trio of awards honoring the worst of the decade with the biggest one being Worst Picture of the Decade. I have not seen four out of the five nominated movies(Gigli,Swept Away,Freddy got Fingered,I Know Who Killed Me)but can vouch for Battlefield Earth.

This phenomenal flop of a sci-fi film was the very first to be chosen for our annual look at bad cinema known as Bad Movie Month and it's legendary status as a film where you watch for a few minutes and think "This can't get any worse" but yet it does,is alive and well even with the likes of Tommy Wiseau's The Room threatening to take over that top spot.

That cheesy William Castle ad line of "it's only a movie" can not withstand the awesome awfulness of this film and if you're still not convinced,just ask the gang from MST3K for further proof of this putrid pudding:

The Razzies will be presented on March 6,the day before the Oscars and my advice to the upcoming winners is to take your award with the pride and dignity fitting this momentous occasion in your career. If Sandra's willing to do so as Halle Berry did before her(for Catwoman and she brought her Monster's Ball Oscar with her),you can suck it up,too:

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