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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heroes shut down the carnival,Ellen's debut on Idol and a look at Life Unexpected

The fifth volume of Heroes finished up this week,with everyone convening on the Sullivan Brothers carnival just in time to stop Samuel from literally bringing down the house. Things did work out well enough,but I am wondering one little little thing;how did Peter and Sylar get there so fast?

Claire and her dad had a helicopter ride(after a quick cameo by Tracy and her amazing water powers as their deus ex machina release from that buried alive death trap there)and Hiro of course used his teleporting abilities,but Peter and Sylar had no easy explanation. Then again,both of them had access to Nathan's flying powers at one point or another so that could be the how. This is a minor quibble,folks,but it's those small loose strings that start the major unraveling.

Speaking of loose threads,I was glad to see how the whole Hiro/Charlie subplot managed to tie itself up. Finding out that Charlie wound up having a wonderful life that granted her children and grandchildren,plus a lifetime of lovely memories ,was good to see and Hiro's deciding to just let his love quest go in order to let Charlie have her happiness was a nicely done moment.

There's some doubt as to whether or not another season of Heroes will air and I for one hope that we at the very least get one more. True,this show hasn't always run a smooth course in terms of steady plot developments but then again,many fans have given up on it due to their own set of personal expectations not being met. Don't get me wrong,sometimes you have to check out when the quality level sinks far too low yet I still think there's still a few creative sparks left in Heroes that are worth exploring.

The finale teaser certainly opens the door for a brand new playing field for the remaining characters to strut their stuff on,one that may allow them to really stretch their wings and fly us all to an amazing new horizon. Since the prime time pickings on NBC are pretty slim these days,we have a good shot at finding that out:

Ellen Degeneres made her judging panel debut on American Idol this week,helping Simon and the rest make their picks for Hollywood week(which is not completely finished-next week,they begin selections for the Top 24). I have to say that,despite my initial doubts,Ellen has done a decent job so far.

She does have experience in presenting a strong stage presence,which is a key factor in doing well in this competition,and a nice sense of snark. As to the singing,it's great to see and hear a lot of solid voicework this early on. One of the best of the solos was Andrew Garcia's soulful rendition of "Straight Up" by former AI judge Paula Abdul(did feel sorry for poor Vanessa Wolfe-her nerves just got the best of her there,in my opinion. Better luck next time,hon):

During the infamous group round,there was a mini-feud between Neopolitan and Destiny's Wild,who both chose to sing "Bad Romance". All the drama aside,I preferred the DW version of the song. It had more of the Monster vibe,from a Lady Gaga fan's point of view:

So,I've been checking out a couple of episodes of the new CW series Life Unexpected,which has been getting quite a bit of hype that naturally turns many of us jaded TV viewers away from something this aggressively marketed. However,to my surprise,it's really not such a bad little show.

They do spend a little too much time explaining the premise(teenage foster child finds long lost parents in order to become an emancipated minor and winds up being put in their joint custody instead)during the course of the plot,but that's to be expected-pardon the phrase-for a new show and while the "Juno meets Gilmore Girls" promo push is a tad twee,there is some justification for that line.

Personally,I find the dialogue and interaction with the characters(especially between Shiri Appleby and Kristoffer Polaha as Cate and Baze,the hapless reunited parents who do have a little bit of Luke and Lorelei energy)to be better written and acted out more along the lines of GG rather than Juno.

Britt Robinson,who plays the teen lead Lux,is a compelling performer that skillfully draws you into her story lines without coming across as obnoxious or playacting at adolescence. All in all,I'm still not sure if Life Unexpected will be a regular feature on my TV schedule but it's definitely worth a look or two. The new episode on Monday has promise,as Cate tries to be cool for Lux's party with her peers and seems to be just as out of touch as any other TV mom:


LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: We're getting a new episode this weekend and yet another teaser about a possible Richard and Kahlan hook-up. I'd love to see that happen,folks,but we have been down this road before and a wait and see policy is a good one to adopt here before getting too riled up about it just yet:

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