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Monday, February 22, 2010

Join the literary choir to win a copy of Angelology

Danielle Trussoni's debut novel,Angelology, sets up an age old conflict between humanity and divinity by having all too mortal and immortal beings clash as they both seek answers and clues towards finding a lost artifact that may change the balance of power between the two races.

When Sister Evangeline,a young woman who has resided at St. Rose's convent since her father placed her there at age twelve,receives a request for access to the sisterhood's archives in order to seek a connection between the late mother superior and Abigail Rockefeller,the standard response is an official refusal.

Yet,something about this letter of inquiry compels Evangeline to do a little investigating of her own and she soon discovers a whole host of intrigues which leads her to a society of angelologists,who have been studying the ways and means of the Nephilim,a species of part human and part angel beings that are determined to claim dominion over the human race.

The book is due out on March 9 and the good folks at Viking are allowing me to give away a copy of Angelology to one of my readers. Since the theme of the novel is a tad dark and mysterious, I thought it would be fun to lighten things up by choosing a cheery theme for this contest-angel songs! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment at this post and name your favorite angel related tune.

The song can be contemporary or classic,and as a consolation offering,I will try to find as many videos of your top choices to display when the winner is announced on March 1st. There seem to be as many angelic themed songs as there are stars in the night sky and a good number of them are romantic such as the beloved "Earth Angel":

Angel songs are so popular that quite a few of them have been covered by several artists over time. A personal favorite of mine is "Angel of the Morning",which I first heard sung by Juice Newton. Merilee Rush,Olivia Newton-John and Dusty Springfield are some of the other ladies who have tackled this tune but for me,Juice hits all the right notes now and forever:

Plenty of new songs about angels are written as well and with the growing trend of angels becoming the new vampires in paranormal pop culture lore,the demand for them is bound to grow(especially for the movie soundtracks,when the books go from script to screen):

Back to the contest details: please leave a comment with the e-mail address you'd prefer to be contacted at,along with your choice of angel song by midnight on Friday,February 26(if we get enough demand for this,I'll extend the deadline to Saturday the 27th). The winner will be announced here on this blog on Monday,March 1 and also sent an e-mail as well,so please make sure the addy you leave is active,folks! That way,I will be able to pass on your shipping info to the PR folks at Viking,who will be mailing the book out to you,as quick as possible.

Looking forward to seeing some of your song suggestions and delighted to be able to share this riveting new novel with others. I'm reading it myself right now and it's a real page turner. Angelology has a rich blend of inspired and original notions that should inspire many readers to spread their creative wings and fly off into more wonderful flights of literary fancy. Let us hope that it's arrival onto a bookshelf near you has just a successful run as an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical:


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm in love with songs like Snuff and Alone I Break. Hardly angelic!

No need to enter me, anyway. I've got a TBR mountain range that's threatening to take over my office.

I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail, darling. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

Michelle said...

It's kind of a depressing song, especially since it's used in depressing situations a lot, but I love the song "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan. Gorgeous and so emotional.


Anonymous said...

I am going to add The Angel Song by Great White... got to love a hair band classic ballad! jenna.sage@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Johnny Angel,,thx for the contest

lady t said...

Thanks,Susan,for the Win a Book mention-appreciated as always.

Michelle,I love that Sarah MacLachlan song too. They use to play it for ASPCA ads in my area and I had to hug my cat after watching them every time. Sad,but beautifully powerful.

donnas said...

Angel of Music is by far my favorite.

The song Broken Wings comes to mind too.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Zia said...

The Sarah McLachlan song from City of Angels. I believe it's called Arms of the Angel.


Miss Haley said...

Lips of an Angel. I don't remember the artist... but I also like Angel of Music :)