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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Super Bowl 2010 TV commericals,take one

While many of us did not watch the Super Bowl this past Sunday,the ads that aired during it are still being talked about almost as much as the game itself. While many of them are amusing little promo pushes,others are best categorized as "What the what?!" With that in mind,let's look at a handful of these commercials that will be popping in during your favorite shows for the rest of the month:

BETTY WHITE MAKES SNICKERS SILLY AND SATISFYING: A lot of good feedback from viewers has come to this ad,thanks to one of our favorite Golden Girls showing off her great sense of humor. Betty has really hit a nice pop culture stride lately as the go-to grandma and hopefully we'll see more of her in something that showcases her talents to their very best:

THE TELEFORA TERROR II:RETURN OF THE TALKING FLOWERS: The flower delivery company got quite bit of flack last year for their Mother's Day ads with chatty bouquets that insisted on insulting the ladies who received them.

This time out,they decided to try a more female friendly approach with the bitchy office diva getting the boring yet biting commentary posies while the sweet geek girl is hand delivered a stylish set of roses for Valentine's Day. Not bad,but we're keeping an eye on you,Telefora. Also,kudos for hiring Don Rickles to do the voice over work here:

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOORS: One of the Bud Light commercials chose to mock book clubs by having a guy ready to head out the door on the way to a sports game but deciding to gate crash the book group run by his wife/girlfriend(her role wasn't too clearly defined,along most of the other details set up here) when he sees that they have his favorite beer amongst the snacks.

This caused quite a fury amongst bloggers and social critics,with Ed Champion delivering the most blistering and well written essay denouncing the whole ad,plus a number of others that attempted to take male-female relationships back to pre-Archie Bunker times. Not of the cool,folks-Mad Men might make some of these PR people think that old school attitudes like this are cool,forgetting that the show is set in the past for a reason. Context,people,context!

Not only is it a stupid commercial,I can't decide who it insults more;the women who allow some bozo to horn in on their book talk in order to grab a few beers(not to mention his significant other who lets him get away with this) or the guy in question,whose IQ appears to be lower than a box of rocks:

MOVIE TRAILERS A-GO-GO: Several of the big ads were for upcoming films,most of which were big action/adventure flicks like Prince of Persia and the highly anticipated Tim Burton take on Alice in Wonderland.

The one I liked the best was for the newest version of The Wolfman,a film that has been much delayed when it comes to release dates. It is set to hit theaters this Valentine's Day weekend and may be a welcome relief to those not wanting to sit through another cinematic love story.

The movie certainly looks well made but looks can be deceiving as we all know. Hopefully,this Wolfman won't be a howler in the worst sense of the word:

This crop of Super Bowl ads seems to be no better or worst than the usual batch we've come to expect over the years. Of course,if the economy is still in the same downturn state next year,we might get a few commercials for more generic products. Don't laugh,folks-the phrase "It's just the same!" is slowly creeping into prominence,almost as if an ambitious low cost evil doer was seeing her diabolical discount schemes come to fruition(where's the Coupon Crusader when you need him?):

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Ladytink_534 said...

I missed the Superbowl but the commercials I've seen around the the web from it haven't been to bad.

Love Betty White. The Teleflora commercial was just creepy and the Bud Light was just dumb though.

I've seen publicity photos of The Wolfman so I'm a bit concerned about it trying to hard but I'll still give it a try when it comes out.