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Thursday, February 25, 2010

TAR's cowboys have a good day,American Idol starts the singalong and Tabatha's sharp guest spot on Shear Genius

On Shear Genius this week,former S1 contender Tabatha Coffey(now the hostess of Tabatha's Salon Takeover on Bravo)stopped in to be the guest judge for the Elimination Challenge. Since Tabatha had lost out on a wedding related Elim,it was fitting that she joined the panel here as the goal was to remake a bridesmaid's hairstyle for the wedding reception.

It was a traditional Indian wedding,so some of the bridesmaids wanted a more relaxed hairdo for the party,which was understandable,but that threw a lot of people off their game such as Adee(who wound up going home)and Brig,who got into a tiff with Tabatha about the flat and less than flattering look her model received.

Brig is pretty much a nitwit(that chopped up prom dress she wore for the challenge was beyond campy)and while it was high time for Adee to leave,I think her days are numbered here. How I wish Tabatha was a regular part of Shear Genius-her no nonsense approach is quite the breath of fresh air:

On The Amazing Race,the cowboy team of Jet and Cord had an excellent run of luck on the second leg. Not only did they book a bus that reached the first Roadblock way ahead of the other teams,the fellas even got an extra head start on the teams that were right behind them,who got off at the wrong transfer station and had an even longer wait to boot.

While I was sad to see the grandmother/granddaughter team bow out(those two just never caught up to anyone during the whole leg), it was great to see a pair of nice guys finish first for once. With any luck,Jet and Cord might be able to go all the way to the Final Three at this rate:

American Idol started the official singing for votes portion of the show this week,with the Top 12 Girls going first. I have to say that both the guys and the gals performing in this first round had less than stellar starting points here. Some of it can be chalked up to nerves while others were doomed by their song choices(for these early rounds,everyone will be choosing from Billboard's Hot 100).

There were some standouts with the ladies,with Lilly Scott wisely picking a lesser known(to me,anyway)Beatles tune to work her magic with and Crystal Bowersox rocking the harmonica for her rendition of Alanis Morrissette's "Hand in My Pocket". The one that made me sit up and take notice that evening was Siobhan Magnus,doing "Wicked Game" and really doing justice to the haunting melody of the song:

The guys had a rough night,with very few of them able to make a major impression on the judges. Andrew Garcia and Michael Lynche had decent moments but the best of the bunch in terms of following through on a song choice was Casey James,with Bryan Adams' "Heaven". He seems to be more than just a pretty face and if Kara can calm down with her cougar antics(yes,honey,you are a cougar-deal with it!),he may do well for the next couple of rounds:

When I cover the A.I. official singing rounds,that's when I break out the Sanjaya awards,for the best of the worst performances. It was hard to pick only one winner for the first Sanjaya but Tyler Grady was both goofy and godawful enough to get that honor for his wishy-washy take on "American Woman". Dude,you need real power in your voice to pull this off and if you don't have it,there is no point in trying:




LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: A more lighthearted episode is coming our way this weekend,as Zed has to done some medieval drag to help rescue Kahlan from a pushy nobleman who has dared to lock her up in his dungeon. He's not the only one who gets to dress up pretty but he may be less dangerous than the other Cinderella at the ball here:

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Melissa @ Life:Merging said...

I thought Siobhan was awesome! I had no idea she had that in her and I felt it was an amazing song for her!

And I love Casey James.