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Monday, March 01, 2010

Sing a song of celebration for our Angelology winner!

Today marks the beginning of a brand new month and a great way to start off things off is by awarding some lucky soul a great book to read. Angelology by Danielle Trussoni will be out at a bookseller near you by March 9th but one of you will not have long to wait to check out this intense tale of earthbound angelic beings clashing with humans for dominance over this mortal realm.

Okay,people,let's get this show on the road-*raised platform is unveiled,with stacks of books on either side of the podium. Spotlight is focused on the center stand. Robed announcer takes the mike:

"Ladies and gentlemen,please take your seats. Give your applause to our Angelology giveaway winner for 2010....ZIA! *Crowd goes wild,flowers are thrown towards stage,national anthem is played while doves are released in the background.*

Congratulations,Zia,for being our first LRG winner of the year. Please send your preferred mailing address to me at livingreadgirl@yahoo.com and it will be passed on to the good folks at Viking,who will ship a copy out to you as soon as possible.

My thanks to everyone who entered this contest and as a consolation prize,here are some of your favorite angel related tunes to enjoy. The first one on our playlist is an old school classic,"Johnny Angel" sung by Donna Reed Show alumna Shelley Fabrares. I used to watch The Donna Reed Show on Nick at Nite years ago but I missed the episode where daughter Mary sang this sweet little ditty:

Next up is a hair metal ballad simply called "The Angel Song" by Great White,who are best remembered for their hit song "Once Bitten,Twice Shy"(also the name of their first big album). Not bad for a song of this era:

A more recent tune was nominated and while the name of the band was in doubt,I'm pretty sure that Hinder is the correct group with "Lips of an Angel",which seems to talk about some less than heavenly romantic behavior here:

There were numerous requests for this particular song,one that is a favorite of mine as well. "In the Arms of the Angel" by Sarah McLachlan has been used for many films and TV shows(even an ASPCA ad campaign)but this haunting tune is strongly associated with the 1998 Hollywood remake of Wim Wender's late eighties German film Wings of Desire.

City of Angels starred Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage as an Angel of Death who fell in love with a mortal woman that tried to save one of the people he escorted to the other side. Cage doesn't strike most as the angelic type but his devotion to Ryan did come off as sincere:

Another song suggestion was "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister,which doesn't directly mention angels but then again,a fallen angel would have damaged flight appendages now,wouldn't he/she? Bonus points for creative interpretation are due for this one,folks:

My thanks to Viking Penguin for allowing me to give away a copy of this fascinating debut novel and I hope everyone interested in this book gets a chance to explore this strange new world of wonders lurking about bookshelves everywhere soon:


Zia said...

Awesome Thank you!!

Tola said...

i agree with zia, this sounds like an awesome book, also catch this interview with trussoni: Interview with Angelology Author Danielle Trussoni