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Thursday, March 18, 2010

TAR takes a U-Turn with a French twist,A.I.'s Rolling Stones night and is the hype for F/X's new show Justified?

A tough break for Joe and Heidi on The Amazing Race this week,as Joe's bragging about how great his team was,even with his aching knee,drew some unwanted attention and landed them a U-Turn at the worst possible moment.

Everyone went to France,where the Detour challenges were reenactments of WWI warfare that required each team to retrieve a message either by crawling under barbed wire or translating Morse code.

Most of the teams went for the crawl but a blind U-Turn was set up at the next clue box and Team Cop Buddy got there first. The whole point of this being a "blind" setback was anonymity but since there were only three teams in play then and the father-daughter team of Steve and Allison reached the clue box about the same time,it wasn't much of a mystery who made Joe and Heidi go back and try their luck at Morse code.

Sadly,they weren't able to decipher the message and Phil had to go out to them in the trenches to eliminate them from the race. Sorry,folks but loose lips sink more than ships these days:

A new action series debuted on F/X this past Tuesday and it got a lot of praise even before it aired. Justified stars Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens,a US Marshall who is relocated back to his home state of Kentucky after a troublesome shooting of a suspect in public and winds up dealing with some of his former friends and foes on the other side of the law.

One of Justified's producers is Elmore Leonard,whose short story "Fire in the Hole" was the basis for the pilot episode. The dialogue and characterizations are certainly vintage Leonard material with plenty of meat on the plot line bone for the actors to chew on for a season or two. Not sure if this will be a regular stop on my TV dial but Justified is certainly worth watching,especially if you like old school lawmen dealing with the wild west antics of the modern day world:

It was Rolling Stones night on American Idol and while most of the Top 12 gave us decent performances(some better than expected), yet another stand out musical moment came from Siobhan Magnus.

While I like Michael Lynche,Lee Dewzye and Andrew Garcia,not to mention that Crystal Bowersox is an incredible indie performer,my allegiance to Siobhan must be officially declared. Her voice and poise on stage are of star quality,second only to Crystal who is honestly humble about her chances here.

Many have said this is a girl's year on Idol and truly most of the strength left in this show belongs to the ladies. Siobhan's take on "Paint It Black" was what an Idol theme night should be about;making the song your own while honoring the spirit of the original singer and bringing real emotion and power to your performance to move audiences both old and new:

The Sanjaya award rightly goes to Tim Urban this week,for truly earning a spot in the Bottom Three for his bizarrely bland version of "Under My Thumb". Bad enough that he chose to do this song of all the ones he could have picked but to throw in a reggae beat was the sour cherry on top of this ill tasting song sundae.

Tim,while I get your reasoning that it would've been foolish of you to try and emulate Mick Jagger on stage,that is no excuse for doing a Pat Boone version with a genre twist that's also a million miles away from who you are as an artist. Lucky for you that Lacey bored more people with her airy-fairy rendition of "Ruby Tuesday" and had to sing the Song of Shame on her way out the door. Then again,your reworking of this song was more shameful,so good on you,I guess:




LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: New episodes are back and more trouble from the Sisters of the Dark is upon Richard as the resurrected Sister Nicci uses a binding spell to connect her life force to Kahlan's. People really seem to have a lot of difficulty staying dead this season,particularly the evil ones,but at least you can say there's never a dull moment on this show:

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