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Thursday, March 04, 2010

TAR's Team Big Brother keeps on blundering,Rob Zombie's take on CSI:Miami and Round Two goes to the ladies on American Idol

One of the other celebrity teams on The Amazing Race this season is Jeff and Jordan,who met while competing on Big Brother and like Team Tiara(Miss South Carolina Caite and her boyfriend Brent),these two aren't known to be the sharpest tools in the shed. Appearances may be deceiving but so far,Team Big Brother has certainly been living up to their dimwitted reputation.

The Detour challenge they chose to do tasked them to find a bag of gold buried in the ground and take it to a train station to hand over to the "lead bandit." They found the bag but kept bringing it to the "gunslinger" on the tracks and getting more and more frustrated when he didn't have a clue for them.

Eventually,they figured it out but this is only the third leg of the race and not the first time that these two have not read the clue thoroughly or simply goofed up here. You guys need to get it together and fast;Jordan,never mind about reading Phil's face,read your clues!:

Normally,I don't watch CSI:Miami but the guest director this week was Rob Zombie so I just had to take a look. Zombie is not everyone's cup of tea but he does have an interesting visual style when it comes to his directing skills and it was fun to see some of his movie regulars pop in such as William Forsythe and wife Sheri Moon Zombie.

My mom usually watches this show but prefers CSI: New York's Gary Sinise over Miami's Caruso and his cheesy antics. Of course when you add the likes of Malcolm McDowell and Michael Madsen to the mix,you wind up being served a huge helping of ham and cheese:

The big story on American Idol this week was the sudden switch from girls to guys on Tuesday,due to the sudden illness of Crystal Bowersox. The nature of her ailment wasn't spelled out in detail but she does have Type I diabetes,so this was way more serious than a head cold or stomach flu that other Idol contenders have gone thru and performed while sick in the past.

Fortunately,Crystal has recovered nicely and gave a wonderful performance last night,singing Creedance Clearwater Revival's " Long as I can see the Light". Lilly Scott and Siobhan Magnus also had stellar singing moments but Crystal is in the front runner's position right now and good for her:

Going on first wasn't much of an advantage for the guys;Michael Lynche did start things off right with a killer performance of "It's A Man's World" but most of his fellow contenders went off the musical rails there. Casey James even struggled a bit with his otherwise okay take on "I Don't Want to Be"(Cougar queen Kara seems to have cooled off on him a bit,setting her sights on the younger boys still in play).

The best performance from the fellas in Round Two came from Lee Dewyze,who sang "Lips of an Angel",a song that I've become familiar with recently. Sorry,Hinder fans but I really think that Lee brought more soulfulness to the song than the original band did. Lee was critiqued for his stiffness on stage yet it came across as a Joe Cocker stance to me:

My Sanjaya award for worst of the week goes to one of the girls,despite the weakness of the guys, and that lucky lady is Didi Benami,for her watered down version of "Lean on Me." Nice try,hon,but a bag of stale salt free potato chips has more memorable flavor than what you gave to the song here:




OSCAR NIGHT BLACKOUT:Once again,Cablevision is in a major money dispute with a network and this time,they're going against one of the Big Three. As of this writing, ABC7 in the New York/NJ/Connecticut area is in danger of being removed from over 3 million subscribers' homes by this upcoming Saturday,which may mean that many of us will not be able to watch the Oscars on Sunday.

I know there are far more important things going on in the world,but this is getting ridiculous. Not only is this the second time in less that three months into this year that Cablevision is fighting with tried and true network providers over fees but viewers are being asked to take sides just as the deadline clock is ticking down. Is it too much to ask that professional business people settle their negotiation problems in a professional manner that doesn't force the customer to be stuck in the middle of their mess or deprived of services that they've been paying for?

Attention is coming from Washington regarding this situation,which may help to bring the matter to a close and let us have our Oscars. I want my Oscars,folks and I don't think it's an unreasonable demand. My feelings are no different from a sports fan being denied access to the World Series or the Super Bowl due to corporate greed. Let's keep our fingers crossed,movie lovers in the Tri-State area and perhaps we'll get an Oscar miracle:



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