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Thursday, March 11, 2010

TAR's Team Buddy Cop pulls ahead of the pack, A.I.'s Top 8 and will V be worth watching again?

So far on The Amazing Race,the dynamic duo of police officers Louie and Mike haven't made too many forward strides and just barely managed to stay in the competition. This most recent leg brought them a stroke or two of good luck as they became Team Number One for the first time ever.

Some of that good fortune may have come from an Interception challenge that had the buddy cops team up with back-to-back champs Jet and Cord. Team Big Brother was jinxed early on by working with Team Tiara and if this hadn't been a non-elimination leg,Jeff and Jordan would have gone home for sure.

As much as I like Jet and Cord(aka Team Cowboy),it was nice to see someone else get to the winner's circle,especially a team that really needed the boost. Congrats and best of luck to Team Buddy Cop for the next round:

ABC's revamped version of the old school sci-fi miniseries V is set to return to the airwaves by March 30 and hopefully it will be worth the wait. While the show has created a fresh new sense of suspense and intrigue to this rather worn out concept,it's been a lot of setting up situations and not enough follow through.

I do have hope for this series,since Monica Baccarin gives off a great villianess vibe as the charismatic alien leader Anna and Elizabeth Mitchell's FBI agent Erica seems prime to give her a run for her money as a major player in the resistance movement that gives more back story to the V Fifth Column members who are helping them out. We'll just have to tune in and see for ourselves,I guess:

The Top 8 girls and guys performed in their regular rotation on American Idol this week and a word of praise must be given to the contestants for not sticking to the usual song choices others before them have made in past seasons. The ladies should be particularly thanked for avoiding the Whitney/Mariah/Celine play lists that we've come to love and loathe here,plus trying to mix things up a little with more offbeat choices.

A good number of the girls had lackluster turns on stage this time(more on that later)but there were a couple of wonderful standouts to savor. As much as I liked Lilly Scott's playful take on the Patsy Cline classic "I Fall to Pieces" and Crystal Bowersox rocked Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason",my favorite was Siobhan Magnus dedicating "House of the Rising Sun" to her dad. Her rendition was stunning,in the best sense of the word:

The guys made more of an effort this time around,with even Tim Urban giving a nice performance with "Hallelujah"(still have a long way to go there,kid). Poor Andrew is still not wowing the judges with his bag of tricks even tho he took a real risk by singing "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera in that funky fashion he did for "Straight Up" but no love for Andrew last night for that!

The best of the night honors go to Michael "Big Mike" Lynche,who has been consistent with his good performances but raised the bar up several other levels with his take on Maxwell's "Women's Work". He truly brought down the house and as Randy kept saying "Really?" Oh,yes,folks-really and truly he did. This man is definitely in the Top 12,no question about it:

Sadly,the Sanjaya award for this round must go to Paige Miles for her dreary version of "Smile." Sorry,Paige but you made a song that's a blend of joy triumphing over sorrow sound like a funeral dirge. It was sheer melodic misery all the way:




MASTERPIECE CLASSIC: Coming up in a couple of weeks is the first of two adaptations of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series books starring Sean Bean as the leading man in question. Joining him in Sharpe's Challenge is Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi who heats things up outside of the kitchen for once. Mark your calendars,folks!:

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