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Monday, April 05, 2010

Pop culture parodies,take two..or three

One of my favorite lightweight comedy films is Stay Tuned,a goofy sitcom style of movie that has middle class yuppies Roy and Helen Knable(played by Pam Dawber and the late great John Ritter)trapped in a TV hell of their own making,thanks to signing on to a demonically dubious cable connection.

Granted,most of the parodies presented in that movie were a little dated even back then but mild amusement is better than no laughs at all in my book.

This movie popped back into my head recently as a series of fresh new mockfests have been appearing online lately and all of them are in one way or another connected to television,that persistent media medium that no one can truly resist(sort of scary,if you think about it too much). Let's take a quick glance at these comedy clips and see if they can make you stop channel surfing for awhile:


Those fellas at The Key of Awesome(who brought us the "Emo Vampire" song)have struck again,with their sights set on Lady Gaga's new "Telephone" video that has both pleased and panicked music video channel watchers since it's TV debut a few weeks ago. Even if you are a fiercely devoted Gaga fan,this send-up is worth tuning in for:


The Key of Awesome gang also takes on sloshed pop sensation Kesha,with a twisted version of her hit "Tik Tok" that has her family haul her partyed out girl self in front of the rehab TV counselor to the stars,Dr. Drew. A nifty across the board set of pop culture pot shots that hit their targets just right:


Thanks to the folks at Funny or Die,the classic PBS series Reading Rainbow is getting some rather offbeat attention from these "Banned Book Reviews" that mix clips from the original show with new video of youngsters promoting books that are definitely not age appropriate.

While you may feel bad about snickering at these bawdy bookends,it is sort of a good sign for the literacy level of our society that a book reference can still be used for a relevant punchline. Plus,this American Psycho review makes me want to at least watch the movie again:

Yes, this Lolita bit is wrong on so many levels but if you think this is the limit,you haven't seen the one done by a young man with ironic reading tastes yet:


As part of the online ad campaign for C2E2(Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo),Just Some Random Guy has made a clever commercial that uses one of the "man on a horse" Old Spice TV ads as the template for humorously encouraging folks to attend the event. Wickedly witty for both comic book aficionados and casual onlookers as well:

So,even with the razzle-dazzle of new technology like the IPad and other internet related wonders,we can still rely on the old fashioned idiot box to bring us some much needed comic relief. Of course,funny is in the eye of the beholder(or ear of the belly laugh,if you will)but it's good to see that satirical inspiration is only a remote control click away,which should get plenty of pranksters out there incentive to start stirring things up:

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