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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Surf & turf trouble on TAR,The return,part two of V and Idol's R&B night had some singing the real true blues

There's always a team that others love to hate on The Amazing Race and this season,it's Carol and Brandy whose constant sniping and snide remarks have turned more than one of their fellow contenders against them.

That loathing came out in full force at this leg's Pit Stop,where Caite and Brent wholeheartedly agreed with Team Cop Buddy that Carol and Brandy should be the next ones to go. Granted,Brent had his terms mixed up at one point but it was crystal clear that Team Tiara is less than fond of these ladies(and the feeling is mutual on all sides,it seems like).

Carol and Brandy were close to being the last to arrive but a slip up by Team Cowboy brought them some extra time. Fortunately for Jet and Cord,this was a non-elimination round yet even with the murky karma hovering over Carol and Brandy(they should've taken those backpacks that Steve and Allie left behind at the turtle Detour in my opinion),those fellas can't count on luck alone to get ahead of the pack:

After an all-too-soon hiatus,V has come back to ABC and there's promise of several big things happening as FBI mom Erica has to balance the scale between being a rebel leader and looking out for her lovestruck son Tyler,who is being targeted by alien queen Anna and her daughter Lisa for a sinister "destiny".

Other folks in this little drama have their major concerns to deal with such as Fifth Column member Ryan worries about the baby that his human girlfriend is carrying(he needs to tell her about his true nature soon before she stops just thinking about eating dead mice and goes for a live one)and Anna's creepy way of building an army(preying mantis,anyone?). With the recruit of professional gun for hire Hobbes,things may start to really heat up in more ways than one and hopefully,soon. I'll keep watching for now but fireworks are well in order at this juncture:

It was rhythm n' blues night on American Idol and many of the contestants were feeling blue after their judges' critiques,especially poor Siobhan who took a real throttling for her less than stellar take on Chaka Khan's "Through the Fire." While I agree it was far from her best performance,she wasn't that bad unlike some people who we'll get to in a moment.

While Andrew finally found his groove again with "Forever" and both Lee and Crystal did great here,the standout of the night for me was Michael Lynche. His edge of the stage stance while singing "Ready for Love" came across as true enhancement of the song rather than a showy gimmick. His version of India.Arie's song echoed hers beautifully and made him a real contender in the eyes of many,including Simon Cowell himself:

It was a surprise to see Katie in the Bottom Three(despite her well sung but slightly lacking version of "Chain of Fools")but Tim Urban and Didi Benami had truly earned their seats for their tortured renditions of two great songs. Tim's Teflon charms kept him on for another week even after his robotic vocals drained Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" of any of it's joys.

Didi did finally get the boot and has another Sanjaya award from the LRG American Idol Earplug committee to take home with her. Not only did she tie a great song like "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" to the back of a truck and drive it over forty miles of bad road,she held a cranky pouty mouth look on her face the whole time the judges went over the performance with her. Yes,Ryan Seacrest pushed her a little too hard about who Didi meant to sing to(What is up with him this year,seriously?),Didi still should have left the stage long ago:




THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Tonight,Damon was clued in on the fate of the remaining vampires in that tomb he had good witch Bonnie and her now deceased grandmother(I'm going to miss Jasmine Guy on this show) open up and the new fang gang's plans to set up shop in Mystic Falls. Even with his refusal to join in their reindeer games, it would bode Damon well not to dismiss their plotting so fast,especially since Kelly Hu is no joke when it comes to fierce throwdowns:

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